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100 Years Of Flying Infographic

Aviation and the travel industry have come a long way.  Did you know flights between Australia and the United Kingdom used to have 24 scheduled stops over 11 days of travel time? And in the sixties economy class leg room was equivalent to business class today?

Flying in the 1920’s and 30’s was not always as glamorous as you think. Travel often meant long journey times, altitude sickness with no cabin pressurisation and loud engines making for a noisy cabin.

But fast forward a few decades and the landscape has changed dramatically. We have bigger planes (like the 600 seat A380) flying more people and connecting more cities across the globe.

With an estimated 44% of the world’s population taking to the skies in 2015 (that’s a mind boggling 3.3 billion people or 8 million people per day checking-in for a flight), it’s never been safer or cheaper to fly across the globe.

Icelandair have put together a fascinating time line – “From Biplane to Spy Plane” – highlighting how far we’ve come over the last 100 years of flying.

And what is the future of air travel looking like? Let’s take a look…

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100 years of flying infographic – originally produced by Icelandair.