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10 Vegemite Creations That Will Blow Your Aussie Mind

What are your key ingredients for an epic Australia Day? Pool, cricket, BBQ? For many of us there’s a little bit of Vegemite thrown in as well.

It’s an acquired taste, but once you’re on that train there’s an entire recipe book to discover. Here are our champions for serving up a mind-blowing Vegemite creation.

Grab your bib. It’s mouth watering time.

Vegemite Roll

Vegemite Tarts

Vegemite Brownie

Vegemite Cheese Cake

Vegemite Shake

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Cheesymite Scrolls

Vegemite Ice Cream!

Yep, that’s a thing. #vegemite #MiliInOz

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Burger With Vegemite Mayo

Vegemite Macaron

Vegemite Chicken Pasta

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