The expansive continent of North America has unlimited places to explore, enjoy and, of course, get a good night's rest in between read more...

Oh Canada, where pines and maples grow

At the frosty end of North America, the vast natural plains of Canada are home to a medley of unspoiled wilderness and cosmopolitan cities. While it is virtually impossible to take on the Great White North in one fell swoop, its various provinces all offer incredible experiences for avid skiers, nature lovers, rodeo enthusiasts, Francophiles and history buffs.

In the populous city of Toronto, you will find everything from budget hostels to international 5-star hotels dotting the Downtown district, with a similar story in Vancouver. Enjoy the French-Canadian sway in Quebec City or Montreal at a stylish bed and breakfast in the historic quarters, or get a dose of cowboy culture in the heart of Calgary.

Stars and stripes in the United States

Big, bold and bursting with attractions that demand attention, the United States of America manage to find a place on every travel bucket list thanks to its melting pot of cultures, cuisines and cities. Whether you prefer to experience iconic world cities like New York and Los Angeles or soak up the country charms in the South, there's a slice of the States for every taste for travel.

You won't have any trouble booking a room at a well-known hotel chain or trendy apartment in the big US hitters like San Francisco, Miami, Chicago or Las Vegas. Don't forget the States extend into the artic fields of Alaska and the tropical waters of Hawaii too!

South of the border, down Mexico way

Dramatically different from its northern siblings, Mexico is drenched with warm weather, sultry Latin American culture and a mesmerising ancient history that makes it a holiday hot spot for both domestic and international visitors.

A thriving backpacker and "Spring Break" culture means there is plenty of budget accommodation for those travelling on tight purse strings. The entire North America accommodation spectrum can be seen in Mexico, from the luxurious hotels of Mexico City to the all-inclusive resorts of Cancun and authentic casas in between.


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