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I don't have extensive travel experience. Am I still eligible to apply?

Our customers have a high expectation that our Flight Centre consultants have good destination knowledge to help them with their enquiries. Because of this, travel experience is definitely advantageous however not always a necessity. We have had successful consultants in the past with strong sales skills, good academic results and a passion for travel, who have not travelled extensively.

I didn’t complete high school or I scored under 75% (or equivalent) for my high school graduating average. Will my application be unsuccessful?

We are always on the lookout for the brightest stars, so examples of academic excellence are important; however your application will be assessed on a number of criteria, not just your educational scores.

Do I need to pay to undertake qualifications with Flight Centre?

We are proud to be able to offer our employees the opportunity to gain professional learning and development on the job. No payment is required, all you need is the determination to succeed.

I don’t have any sales experience, can I still apply?

Sales experience is a great asset; however we also look for sales ability when assessing your application. Therefore, you may have a host of skills and experiences that will help you to make a great Travel Sales Consultant, and we’ll take this into consideration when assessing your suitability for the role. 

I’m happy to work in a range of locations. Should I apply for all of the locations I’m interested in?

We have a centralised recruitment process, which means there’s no need for you to apply more than once. You will automatically be considered for any suitable vacancies in your area. 

What qualifications can I achieve with Flight Centre?

All of our new Travel Sales Consultants are given the opportunity to work towards a Cert III in Travel, which has the benefit of on-the-job training to complement your study. You will also have the opportunity to complete an online Diploma of Management. To top it off, you’ll be supported throughout your studies with a team of professionals just a phone call away.

What travel opportunities are available for me when I join Flight Centre?

Throughout your time as a Travel Sales Consultant, you’ll be given opportunities to travel through discounted travel fares, incentives, educational trips and conferences – just to name a few. Many of these opportunities are based on performance, so our highest achievers are often our most well-travelled!

How long until I hear back about my application?

Our recruiters are committed to responding to your application within five working days. Often they will send an email to your chosen email address, so remember to check your inbox and/or junk folder. If you haven’t heard back from us after this time, please contact your state's recruitment team.


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