Welcome to Symphony of the Seas, our biggest, boldest, most innovative and most exciting adventure yet. Onboard Symphony of the Seas you’ll experience the very best of Royal Caribbean, enjoying incredible facilities, outstanding entertainment, a fabulous choice of dining options and state-of-the-art technology. With so much to discover onboard, and with our largest, most luxurious rooms ever to cosy up in, you’ll have the holiday of a lifetime, whether you’re a fun-loving family or a couple seeking the perfect escape. Your extraordinary adventure starts here, so are you all set?

Royal Loft Suite

Royal Suite - 1 Bedroom

Villa Suite - 4 Bedrooms

Owner’s Loft Suite

Grand Loft Suite

Owner’s Panoramic Suite - 1 Bedroom

Grand Panoramic Suite - 1 Bedroom

Star Loft Suite

Sky Loft Suite

Spacious Aqua Theater Suite with Large Balcony - 2 Bedrooms

AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony - 2 Bedrooms

Spacious AquaTheater Suite - 1 Bedroom

AquaTheater Suite - 1 Bedroom

Crown Loft Suite

Owner’s Suite - 2 Bedrooms

Owner’s Suite - 1 Bedroom

Grand Suite - 2 Bedrooms

Grand Suite with Large Balcony - 1 Bedroom

Grand Suite - 1 Bedroom

Junior Suite with Large Balcony

Junior Suite

Ocean View Panoramic Suite (No Balcony)

Ocean View Suite - 2 Bedrooms (No Balcony)

Ocean View Suite (No Balcony)

Ultra Spacious Ocean View with Large Balcony

Spacious Ocean View Balcony

Ocean View with Large Balcony

Ocean View Balcony

Obstructed Ocean View Balcony

Studio Ocean View Balcony

Ocean View Balcony - Guarantee

Boardwalk View Balcony

Central Park View Balcony

Ultra Spacious Ocean View

Spacious Panoramic Ocean View

Spacious Ocean View

Ocean View

Studio Ocean View

Spacious Promenade View Interior

Spacious Interior

Central Park View Interior

Promenade View Interior

Interior with Virtual Balcony


Studio Interior

Neighborhood Balcony - Guarantee

Ocean View - Guarantee

Interior - Guarantee

Suite - Guarantee

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