An expeditionary-style yacht, the sleek Isabela II carries just 40 Tauck guests in the Galápagos Islands. This recently renovated, fully air-conditioned vessel offers many of the amenities of much larger ships, including a library, boutique, lounge and comfortable dining room in which a combination of Continental and Ecuadorian cuisine is served. She boasts an atmosphere both relaxed and comfortable. The casual atmosphere of Tauck's expeditionary vessels offers an ideal setting for the art of "conversation" that is conducive to the very nature of exploratory cruising, providing a special camaraderie with fellow explorers. Expedition vessels are designed to navigate coastal waterways, island channels, and narrow inlets with graceful ease, exploring some of nature's most impressive habitats. They are designed to take you on adventures in off-the-beaten-path destinations, where landings on many days will be aboard Zodiac-style rafts that necessitate a "wet landing" to reach the shore. Expedition and naturalist guides aboard the vessels share their knowledge with guests and enrich their travels with perspectives on everything from botony to geology.

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