Why choose a Journey Holiday?

What makes a Journey Special

Sometimes it’s not the end destination that makes your holiday, but the highlights and spontaneous moments you encounter along on the way. It’s travelling along iconic coastal drives, experiencing a local culture or stumbling upon a hidden gem that makes a lifelong impression. Our Journeys have been carefully selected and vetted by Destination Experts and feature iconic destinations, making it easier for you to choose the Journey for you. We understand that a Journey is a personal experience, which is why we have designed different Journey styles to cater for special interests as well as highlight some of our most popular routes and destinations.

Choose the right Journey for you

Great for first-time travellers to the region or those short on time. Itineraries involve two or three destinations, giving you the highlights in and around iconic cities.

Travelling for 10 days or more, you’ll have time to explore, discover and immerse yourself in the destination.

Focusing on a region or a specific theme, such as food and wine or active travel, these itineraries provide a different side to these iconic destinations.

Exclusive inclusions

A photo book of your holiday.

$150 off when you book your next Escape or Journey with us.