Flights to Manchester

Manchester’s famous football clubs and impressive music heritage are just the start for visitors to the UK’s second-largest city. Book your flights to Manchester and get ready for great food, gritty history and friendly locals.

What to know before you fly to Manchester?

Local currency in Manchester is pounds sterling (£) and average flying time from Brisbane to Manchester is around 23 hours in total. Due to the distance there are no direct flights, so a stop somewhere in Asia or the Middle East will be part of any journey.

Summer temperatures reach around 25 degrees Celsius while winters can be chilly, with daytime temperatures ranging between 1 degree and 4 degrees. All Mancunians speak English although the accent can be quite thick and the slang is colourful too: “Alright lad, are you up to owt?” “Hey mate, are you doing anything?”. To be thirsty is to be “gagging” for a drink and if a film was “bobbins” it was rubbish.

Airports in Manchester

Arriving at Manchester Airport (MAN) will place you about 14km south of central Manchester. The airport itself has three terminals, and a multitude of options for travelling from the airport to the city. These include bus, train, tram, coach or taxi. A fare from Manchester Airport to the heart of Manchester will set you back around AU$55 for a single journey.