12 Photos Of Planes That Are Downright Sexy

14 January 2016
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There's a name for people like us. AV Geeks; Plane Groupies; AV Nerds – you'd be surprised how many of your fellow travellers fall in love at the sight of a mystical creature of man-made flight.

Airplanes are not only impressive for their ability to fly, but also their design from inside and out. Plane spotting is a regular activity for some and airplane-focused hashtags populate millions of Instagram and Twitter feeds.

It's time Flight Centre participated in this sensational obsession by showcasing our favourite images of planes. Let's get our AV binge on.







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@qatarairways #a350 climbing out of Fra

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United 923 lifts off into a brilliant sunset. UAL923 B772 N783UA LAX-LHR 01/08/16 ----------------------------------- Thanks for following my page! For more exclusive airside photographs from LAX, be sure to check out my other photos and also follow my friend and colleague @airside_ops_lax! ----------------------------------- #unitedairlines #boeing #777 #b777 #avgeek #avporn #aviationrepost #aviationphotography #airport #airplane #airportops #flying #AirwaysMagazine #airlinersworld #lax #laxairport #laxspotting #laxphotoweek #megaplane #instagramaviation #sunset #_airplane1 #aviation_lovers #piloteyes737 #aviationdaily #instapilot #instaplane #instaaviation #ig_airplane_club @megaplane @instagramaviation @peroaviation @airwaysnews

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(Featured Image: @mnavi7)

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