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Heading To Asia? You May Need These 6 Things…

24 January 2020
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Travelling to Asia is incredibly exciting. The continent is rich in culture, offering visitors a chance to escape the everyday for an adventure that awakens the senses. To make the most of your time in destination and ensure things run smoothly, planning is essential. So before you depart, ensure you have these 6 things.   

1. Good quality travel insurance 

Sitting down to plan the perfect holiday is quite the process. We plan ahead and book our seats on the plane, choose a resort room with a view and confirm day trips. What we often don’t plan for is circumstances that are totally outside of our control. An illness that forces you to change or cancel your holiday, leaving you out of pocket. Or worse. 

Situations like this and other events are why it’s so important to have personalised protection, which is why we recommend Covermore travel insurance. Our travel experts can tailor a policy to suit you, as well as recommend additional add-ons for added peace of mind including cruise cover, winter sports cover, lost luggage cover and more. 

2. A visa

You may already know about entry visas, but did you know that you may need a visa depending on where you are transiting or cruising? Always check your passport at the time of booking and discuss with your Travel Expert what the requirements are based on your nationality and itinerary. 

While some may say you can save money by getting a visa on arrival or online, doing so can have serious consequences. You may fall victim to fake websites, pay more than you need to, get the wrong visa or be denied boarding completely. If your Travel Expert can arrange your visa prior to arrival with the consulate, do it and play it safe. 

3. Some local currency

birds eye view over colourful vegetables and fruit. two hands exchange money You'll need cash for situations like this

Most of us are quite used to our cashless society, thanks to apps, fancy smart watches and plastic cards. While card payment is becoming more widely accepted around the world, there are some spots where cash is king. When you’re flagging down a tuk tuk or selecting handmade souvenirs at a local market, you’ll need change.   

Your Travel Expert can make recommendations based on your holiday and even organise special discounts on currency with our friends at Travel Money Oz

4. Electronic copies of everything 

Paper tickets are great, but what happens if you lose your documents or your flight changes? Store PDF copies on your smart device for easy access and make sure your travel apps are up to date with the latest software so you can be alerted of any changes to your itinerary. 

The Flight Centre App can be downloaded for free and is a great place to keep all of your travel documents in one place! 

5. Vaccinations 

Book an appointment with your local General Practitioner when you are thinking of booking your trip and they can advise you on what you might need. Some vaccinations need to be administered well in advance, so it’s important to get in early. 

6. A little local lingo  

group of people waiting around a market stall for food, smiling Learning a couple of words will make life easier

You don’t need to be fluent, but a little local language skills can go a long way. Download a free app or rent a phrase book from your library and learn phrases like “good morning”, “excuse me”, “thank you” and “do you speak English?” 

Oh, and when communicating don’t forget to smile. 

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