11 Surprising Things Your FCBT Travel Manager Can Do

3 September 2015
Read Time: 2.7 mins

Words by Carlie Tucker

Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) is all about providing a complete travel solution for small to medium businesses. The ability to personalise and tailor our approach to suit your exact travel needs is key in assuring a seamless experience. This includes the inclusion of a number services that aim to save you both time and money. Sure we know all about flights and hotels, but our service goes a bit deeper than that. Here are 11 surprising things your FCBT Travel Manager can help you with.

Recommendations &  Options

When you work with FCBT, you will received a dedicated Travel Manager, which means a single point of contact that understands every aspect of your travel needs. Not only can they make your bookings with a simple phone call or email, they can also provide you with recommendations and options, knowing your needs and travel history inside and out.  

Frequent Flyer Assistance

FCBT Travel Managers are well versed in the area of Frequent Flyer programs. Whether you're new to the Frequent Flyer game looking for a few recommendations on which program will suit you and your business, or you're a seasoned veteran hoping to get the most points out of every booking, your Travel Manager can help.

Hold Seats

An incredibly useful tool in the hectic world of business travel, FCBT Travel Managers are able to hold airline seats for a period of time. This allows you to secure the seat you want at the price you want while you sort out travel details. Great for planning last minute meetings or organising international travel, you can rest assured your seats are secure while everything else falls into place.  

Leisure Travel

As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, FCBT Travel Managers have access to the same great leisure travel deals. This includes exclusive corporate and leisure fares. This means if you're headed to the USA on a business trip, but feel like extending it into a leisure trip, your Travel Manager will be able to help you organise a package personalised to your exact needs while saving you time and money.

Car Hire

Further assisting in providing a complete travel solution, Travel Managers are not only able to organise car hire when booking your flights and hotels, they also have access to exclusive offers such as SmartDRIVE. Along with competitive rates with top providers, you will receive a few perks when you book through your Travel Manger. This can include everything from complimentary GPS to discounted damage excess. You can even triple your Frequent Flyer points with the right bookings!

Travel Insurance

This one is a must for both corporate and leisure travellers. It doesn't matter if you're travelling overseas or interstate, it's important to make sure you're covered if anything should go wrong. Travel Managers are a great source of travel insurance information. Not only can they help you secure insurance for your next holiday, but they can assist in answering any questions you may have. 

Emergency Assistance

Speaking of travel plans gone awry, FCBT is behind you 100% when you're on the road. From missed flights to more serious circumstances, we offer 24/7 support service. It doesn't matter what state, country or time zone you're in, you can call for assistance. And since Flight Centre is a global company, a face-to-face meeting is never far away.

Monthly Report Consolidation

Travel bookings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business travel. There are payment schedules, budget guidelines and monthly reconciliations to worry about. FCBT Travel Managers are here to help! From simplified booking processes to management information reporting, we can help you streamline your back office operations, help you identify travel trends and potential saving opportunities. 

Efficient Service

As there are no contracts involved when you work with FCBT, we know that we are only as good as our last booking. Because of this, our Travel Managers always aim to provide comprehensive and efficient service.  This includes a quick turnaround time on any travel booking request you may have. With a simple phone call or email, you can expect a response within two hours.

Lounge Passes

If you've ever had to suffer through an extended flight delay, you may understand just how refreshing an airport lounge can be. Offering everything from food and drink to showers and charging stations, many count them as an oasis among the hustle of the airport. With access to a range of products and services, our Travel Managers are able to help you secure lounge passes to help make sure you start your journey off on the right foot. 

Expo Fares

Flight Centre is famous for its regular schedule of travel expos held throughout Australia. FCBT Travel Managers are able to access the incredible travel deals on offer during these events, creating a sole point of contact and a comprehensive travel solution for you and your business.