4 Ways Flight Centre Business Travel Will Save You Money

21 January 2015
Read Time: 1.3 mins

Words by Ben Stower

Organising your business trip through Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) isn't time consuming, expensive or hands on. In fact, we take all responsibility, ensuring your travel goes off without a hitch. If you're waiting for a sneaky catch to surprise you, you'll be waiting for a while.

FCBT won't add more expenses to your travel itinerary. In fact, FCBT will actually save you money. Let us count the ways.

1. Maximum Frequent Flyer Points

Booking your business travel through FCBT grants you access to a dedicated Travel Manager. These travel experts take care of the nitpicky booking parts of your travel including implementing your frequent flyer programs.

When booking flights yourself, you might miss out on opportunities to maximise your points. Not with a Travel Manager by your side. They know all the tricks to ensure you gain the most points possible from your travels.

2. Wider Range Of Choices

FCBT has an exclusive range of airfares and hotels that can't be accessed anywhere else. Whether you're searching for corporate or leisure travel needs, using FCBT gives you a wider choice that includes cheaper options you would otherwise miss out on.

So, instead of paying $250 for a room at that 4-star hotel, as a member of FCBT you might only have to pay $200.

3. No Wallet-Burning Emergency Help

With FCBT's 24/7 emergency support you've always got someone to help whenever you're in trouble. Instead of being left in the dark and forking out unnecessary amounts of money for services, you'll be guided through the entire process by an industry professional.

The FCBT team has the knowhow, resources and ability to get you the most cost-effective help possible. They're also committed to helping you resume enjoying your travels as soon as possible.

When 24/7 online and phone support simply won't work, face-to-face meetings with a Travel Manager are still possible, even overseas, thanks to FCBT's offices all around the world.

4. Dollars Off With SmartSTAY and SmartDRIVE

Regular people stay at hotels when travelling while members of FCBT SmartSTAY at hotels. This exclusive program provides you with a wealth of discounts and bonuses on your accommodation including:

  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Wine on arrival
  • Laundry services
  • Car parking
  • Wi-Fi services

SmartSTAY's partner in discounted corporate travel, SmartDRIVE, has a similar money-saving mentality. Using the SmartDRIVE program to organise car hire opens up the door for additional discounts and complimentary services including:

  • Free GPS (Hertz)
  • Discounts on excess (Thrifty)
  • Bonus frequent flyer points (Avis)

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