5 Business Travel Entertainment Options That Aren't Binge Watching Movies

10 March 2017
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Most long haul travellers jump at the chance to hop onboard their flight and get right into binge watching the in-flight entertainment. It's no wonder with many airline integrating sophisticated systems that feature extensive lists of new releases, classic movies, TV shows and music libraries. Depending on the length of your flight, you could get through all of those movies you've really been wanting to see but just haven't had the time.

Though, for some flyers, variety is the spice of life and integrating other entertainment options is what makes the time on board fly by! If you count yourself among these travellers, here are a few options to consider for your next flight ...

A woman listening to her headphones on an airplane From classics to this year's best business reads, you can take as many audio books with you as you like!

Audio Books

Plenty of well-intentioned flyers make grand plans to finally finish that book while flying, but somehow it seems that it goes into the carry-on and never really manages to see the light of day. Instead of taking up valuable carry-on space on a bulky book that you may or may not read, make things a little easier on yourself and download an audio book or two for your flight. They don't take up nearly as much space, and it's easy to pop in your headphones and listen away, leaving your hands free for other distractions such as drawing, eating or taking photographs.

A smiling man listening to something on his phone If you haven't listed to the Serial podcast yet, you may want to get downloading


In a similar vein of entertainment, podcasts have seen a real surge in popularity in recent years. It's no wonder as these easy to digest audio series are like audio books with next level entertainment and intrigue. If you're not familiar, think along the lines of an old school radio program meets TV series, spanning a full spectrum of topics. Whether you're looking for comedy or true crime, business or travel, you'll find a whole list of podcasts to pique your interests.     

A man using a tablet on a plane Keep your brain sharp with gaming apps while you're flying for something a little different


If you're after something that makes your brain work a little harder, you may just want to turn to technology. Download a few games to your smartphone or tablet before your flight. Just make sure they have offline versions available. You can get engaged with classics such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles, or delve into the wide wonderful world of gaming apps where the likes of Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja will keep you swiping and tapping for hours.     

A woman using a laptop on the plane Use the time to finish up any last minute work or start putting together a personal travel itinerary to inject a little fun into your business trip

Plan Your Trip

Those heading off for an extended business trip, your in-flight time is the perfect opportunity to do a little planning. Sure, it's a great idea to stay productive and wrap up any last minute work details while you're en route, but be sure to set aside an hour or two to plan a little personal travel. Do a little research into your destination – must-see sights and must-do activities. Check out your hotel and what nearby restaurants you might want to check out after work. You may even want to see if there are any day spas nearby to unwind when you land.

a close up of a notebook One of the best ways to get your creativity going is to try your hand at writing or drawing while flying

Put Pen to Paper

Sometimes it's worth getting back to basics when you're looking for entertainment. Break out the ol' pen and paper and let your imagination run wild. Writing is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Put your rhyming skills to the test with a poem or hammer out the beginnings of a short story. If writing isn't really your cup of tea, you may want to try doodling or sketching. It can be very relaxing and a great way to 'escape' the confines of the plane cabin. 

Carlie Tucker

Travelling is for discovering the unexpected. From fantastic meals in ramshackle joints to stumbling upon a best kept secret, I love those fortuitous travel moments that couldn't be planned if I tried.