7 Inspired Gift Ideas To Impress

11 December 2017
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T’is the season to be merry and perhaps a little stressed…especially if that Christmas shopping list has not even been started, let alone any forays into Dante’s Seven Levels of Hell aka your local shopping centre?

Read on for seven gift ideas that will take care of immediate family, friends and colleagues, and are sure to anoint you with gift sainthood with obvious thought behind each gift. And what’s more, these are all very affordable and accessible from the convenience of your preferred device, including from a new online shopping addition to Australian shores (Amazon if you haven’t heard!) – all you need is a credit card.

Couple with Christmas shopping bags Let your fingers do the walking rather than your legs in crazy Christmas time shopping precincts.

1. Techie gifts with personality

Society6 is an online site and home to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe. Here the artists have uploaded their original works to sell so you can buy beautiful, unique and imaginative gifts. Plus it is a great way to foster an international community of very talented creative types. Support this community and tick items off your Christmas list; things like inspired prints, intricately designed throws and quirky tech accessories.

2. Go Retro.

Amazon has the Fuji Instamax Camera available - it is very affordable and great for those of us who remember back to the 70s or introduce those who weren’t, to the joy of instant memory capture – the instant polaroid photo. There is nothing like the magic of watching the photo develop within seconds right before your eyes. What’s more, these little tangible moments are perfectly sized for wallets and purses.

3. Quirky fun for you and your partner

Also on Amazon is 88 Conversation Starter Cards For Husbands and Wives! Really this gift is perfect for any group to inject some thought provoking sometimes philosophical, discussion topics to tackle during the holiday period.

4. Go Green

Feed your favourite foodie with Amazon's Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Kit. Perfect for a windowsill, this great little kit puts the freshest of herbs within easy reach during cooking – in addition to allowing the chef to crow about their home grown ingredients.

window sill herbs Enable your loved one to embrace their inner chef with the freshest of homegrown herbs.

5. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

For the coffee lover in your life, Amazon has made available this little gadget which is very portable and easy to use – so for any caffeine hound, this is perfect to take to work or wherever, to get that essential coffee fix.

6. Gifts for Good

In our busy consumerist lives it is easy to forget there are many who struggle for the very basics of life; why not gift chickens, goats, or the construction of a well to a needy community. Most recognised charities have these available at this time and you can do it all online. Also you can support with a more tangible gift if you would like to, and tackle poverty by purchasing a huge range of beautiful gifts from the online Oxfam Shop.

7. Get Organised, Get Ready

Organisational planners are exactly what the driven, goal oriented people in your life will absolutely love; the lucky recipients of such gifts are likely to disappear straight after opening to map out all of those mountains that they are going to climb in 2018 – either literally or figuratively – or perhaps both.

online Christmas shopping Online, transformational Christmas shopping - all achievable with a device, WiFi and a credit card - easy!

Bonus gift-buying tip!

And lastly, if you are struggling for a gift idea and would like to support a colleague or staff member achieve their business goals for 2018? Why not get them a Flight Centre Business Travel gift certificate to help them with their business travel… it could be the beginning of something much bigger…be sure to contact your Flight Centre Business Travel Manager today.

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