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8 Routes You Can Fly with 100,000 Velocity Points or Less

2 June 2017
It’s always a great moment when you check your Velocity frequent flyer status only to discover that you’ve actually accumulated quite a hefty bank of points. Whether you’ve tallied up the points through frequent flying, swiping your Velocity credit card or odd buys here and there, at some point you’ve got to actually put them to use.
While there are many ways in which you can redeem your Velocity points, often you’ll get the some of the best value rewards when redeemed on flights. For example, your points can translate to just half a cent each when cashed in for a gift card, yet can take on as much as 13 times more value when swapped for a business class flight. So it’s worth doing the math!
Here’s a look at some of the best flight routes and upgrades you can get with 100,000 Velocity Points or less.

1. Fly to Los Angeles in Business Class One-Way – with Virgin Australia 

95,500 points

The flight to Los Angeles can sure be a long one and if you’re connecting on to another US city, then even longer. But if you have 95,500 Velocity Points to your name, you could make it all the more comfortable with a one-way Business Class fare to from Sydney, Brisbane and now Melbourne (in case you missed it – Virgin Australia launched flights between Melbourne and Los Angeles in April). 
It’s great value for the chance to experience Virgin’s recently refurbished  ‘The Business’ business class seat and service on their Boeing 777 long-haul fleet – arguably one of the best Business Class experiences going direct from Australia to the USA. This includes access to their savvy in-flight cocktail bar and lounge area.
Alternatively, you could cash in the same number of points on the trip to Los Angeles in Business Class with Virgin’s partner airline Delta Air Lines.
Virgin Australia's inflight Business Bar . Experience the standup bar flying Business with Virgin Australia.

2. Upgrade to Business Class on a One-way Flight to Los Angeles – with Virgin Australia 

25,000 – 45,000 points

Depending on your ticket type, you could use your points to upgrade from Flexible Economy or Premium Economy to a Business Class set when doing the east coast Australia to Los Angeles route, flying with Virgin Australia. That will set you back 25,000 to 45,000 points.

3. Fly Melbourne to Hong Kong One Way in Business Class – with Virgin Australia

59,500 Points

As of next month, Virgin Australia is launching its new Melbourne to Hong Kong service direct five days a week. Make the trip on 59,500 points for another chance to experience all the perks of Virgin’s new ‘The Business’ offerings.

4. Fly Europe to Abu Dhabi One-Way in Etihad’s First Apartment – with Etihad Airways

78,000 points

If you’re flying out of London or Paris, you could make the trip one-way to Abu Dhabi in utmost style with Etihad Airways – the only Velocity partner airlines you can directly book First Class travel with. 
Their First Apartment experience onboard the Airbus A380 offers complete luxury in the air, with food freshly prepared by onboard chefs and fine champagne, as well as your own exclusive space featuring a wide armchair and separate fully-flat bed, entertainment, personal wardrobe and vanity. You’ll also get access to The Lobby – a hotel-inspired meeting place for socialising or business, with crew on hand to serve snacks and drinks and a widescreen TV to enjoy.
In-flight comfort has never looked better.
Inside Etihad's luxurious First Apartment. Use your points to upgrade to Etihad's luxurious First Apartment.

5. Fly to Singapore One-Way in First Class – with Singapore Airlines

108,000 points

On the Sydney or Melbourne to Singapore route with Singapore Airlines, you can transfer 108,000 Velocity Points into 80,000 of Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer miles to score yourself a First Class upgrade.
Their First Class experience on the Airbus A380 is world-class, with impeccable food and beverages (including Krug and Dom Perignon), unparalleled customer service and a lie-flat bed with turn-down service.

6. Upgrade to Business Class on a One-way Flight to Bali – with Virgin Australia

24,000 Points

If you have an economy Go Plus or Getaway fare to Bali with Virgin Australia, flying from Sydney or Brisbane, it takes just 24,000 Velocity Points to upgrade to Business Class one-way. That’s 48,000 points if you upgrade both ways. 
Book a return-trip upgrade for two people and that’s 96,000 Velocity Points well spent. 

7. Upgrade to Business Class on Domestic Flights – with Virgin Australia

9,900 Points 

If you regularly do domestic travel for business – or pleasure – you can easily use your points to upgrade to Business Class on many Virgin Australia points between capital cities such as Perth and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 
If you book flexible economy Freedom fares, each upgrade one-way comes in at just 9,900 points. For 10 such domestic upgrades one-way (or five return trips) so you can regularly travel in comfort, it’ll set you back 99,000 points in total.

8. Fly Three People on a Short-haul Return Domestic Flight 

93,000 points return

You can often book a short-haul Business Class flight within Australia for as little as 15,500 points one-way, on routes such as Sydney to Brisbane, Melbourne to Adelaide, and Hobart to Melbourne.
Return it’ll set you back 31,000 points. And if you have a whole 100,000 points to spend, that’s enough to fly three people (or three times) on such short-haul domestic flights return.

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