De-Stress Business Travel With These Travel Hacks

17 February 2015
Read Time: 1.9 mins

Words by Carlie Tucker

Travel hack. Defined as a step that frequent flyers can take to make things easier and faster, these are simple tips that have the potential to make your travel life infinitely better. From packing tips to flight times, they're easy to implement and will often leave you wondering why you haven't been doing them for years.

There are plenty of travel hacks out there as travellers across the globe think of ways to streamline their travel process. So, to assist you in de-stressing your next business trip, we've compiled some very easy and very relevant hacks for the business traveller.

Email Important Docs To Yourself.

Most, if not all, travel sites recommend carrying a copy of your travel documents to ensure that you don't get stuck if you lose your passport. It's an imperative tip that all overseas business travellers should follow, but take it to the next level by scanning and saving electronic copies on all of your mobile devices.  You won't have to worry about miscellaneous papers floating around in your suitcase or rifling through files trying to find a copy of your passport.  Plus, you'll save a tree!

Have A Toiletry ‘Go Bag’

When it comes to packing, it's always best to keep it simple. Save yourself some time by preparing a toiletries 'go bag'. It should be compact, easy to pack and contain travel size versions of all the essentials (shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, etc.).  With a permanent, ready to go bag, you can just toss it into your luggage when it comes time to pack.

Carry-On Whenever Possible

Speaking of packing, it's best to skip checked luggage if you can. The amount of time and stress you'll save by sticking to a carry-on will pay off in spades.  You'll save time at departure by skipping the bag check line, and you won't have to wait around the carousel once you arrive at your destination. Plus, there is no chance of lost luggage. Learn how to pack a carry-on like a pro and stick to it.

Take Advantage of Packing Tips

In addition to rolling, folding and bundling to increase space in your luggage, there are a few tips that can help you keep everything neat and tidy:

  • Use bulldog clips to organise loose charger chords and headphones, which can then be stored in an old sunglass case.
  • Keep your shirt collars stiff by rolling your belt and placing it in the collar.
  • Reduce the chance of messy spills by putting a piece of plastic wrap under the caps of your liquids.

Make It An Early Start

Whenever possible, make sure you schedule an early flight to your destination for a few helpful reasons. Airlines are more likely to be running on schedule early in the morning, so you'll reduce the chance of stressful delays. You'll also be able to tackle any unforeseen challenges on arrival. Baggage delays, long taxi lines and bad traffic won't be as big of an issue if you have plenty of time.  

Take Advantage of Travel Apps

There are plenty of travel apps out there that can provide easy assistance. Whether it's a language translator or a money converter, a flight tracker or a guide to the best local restaurants, everything you could possibly need to make your trip that much better can literally be at your fingertips.  

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