Disrupting The Hong Kong Hotel Industry

4 December 2018
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With Wi-Fi, the world really is your workplace now. The digital nomad trend and the rise of the sharing economy means tech-savvy travellers can now make a living on the go with a ‘location-independent’ lifestyle. And a new style of hotel is here to accommodate them.

The so-called ‘micro hotel’ is re-imagining the spaces within traditional hotels. Guestrooms are downsized to just the essentials or even shared dormitories for your work colleagues or like-minded digital nomads, and the space is reinvested into vibrant communal spaces such as bars, cafes and lobbies for relaxing, socialising or networking.

Ovolo Hotels founder and CEO Girish Jhunjhnuwal Ovolo Hotels founder and CEO Girish Jhunjhnuwal is disrupting the Hong Kong hotel industry and has Australia in his sights for the game-changing Mojo Nomad concept.

Disrupting the Hong Kong hotel industry is Ovolo Hotels founder and CEO Girish Jhunjhnuwala with the Mojo Nomad concept, a micro-hotel with shared accommodation and large communal spaces. We quizzed the hospitality whiz on what these co-living spaces offer for the modern business traveller.

What is your vision for hotels?

Mojo Nomad Central hotel exterior Mojo Nomad Central hotel exterior is vibrant and fun – just like your stay.

I believe staying at a hotel should be as effortless as possible. So everything from making sure there are enough powerpoints next to your bedside so you and your partner can charge your phones without having to unplug a lamp, to not charging for things that should be included in the price of the room.

How did the concept behind the Mojo Nomad hotels come about?

Reception at Mojo Nomad Central, Hong Kong The attention-grabbing reception at Mojo Nomad Central.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the global citizen – a modern-day nomad – and realised that when you’re travelling for work, you’re in a new city or even a local choosing accommodation, you want a little of everything. You want a hotel for lifestyle, a home for the creature comforts, areas to be sociable and meet fellow guests, plus space to work and be creative. Bringing these together creates Mojo Nomad, an eclectic mix of affordable designer accommodation with a sense of community.

We support today’s contemporary traveller, giving them a micro hotel with options of shared accommodation and large communal spaces. Our guests have the opportunity to be productive, build a network, be collaborative, seek adventure and experience new things.

What kind of traveller are the Mojo Nomad hotels targeting?

co-working space at Mojo Nomad Central, Hong Kong An inspired co-working space at Mojo Nomad.

Both locals and travellers alike are attracted to Mojo Nomad, loving the micro hotel concept. However, digital nomads in particular are on the rise; working professionals who move from job to job, city to city, and don’t have a fixed address.

Mojo Nomad is tapping into this growing demographic and attracting those that want a convenient, collaborative and fun environment. We’ll expose our guests to new experiences that inspire them to be active creators and contribute creatively and intellectually to the world around them.

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How does the hotel design facilitate shared spaces and community?

Shared-style room at Mojo Nomad Hong Kong Bunking in shared-style rooms that sleep up to 12 people.

Each Mojo Nomad has its own unique facilities, but a favourite for me are the communal areas, especially the Common Room at Mojo Nomad Aberdeen. It’s a space with areas for rest and relaxation but also boasts hot desks and tech facilities, giving guests the choice and facilities to do what they like, when they like. The space encourages interaction between residents but still provides the privacy when needed.

Our rooms are a mix of shared accommodation from group rooms to pods with their own tech features, micro-hotel rooms to hotel rooms. We offer unique bar and food options, communal areas, laundry services, luggage room and lockers and 24/7 security.

We’re certainly excited to be one of the first brands to disrupt the Hong Kong hospitality industry and are looking forward to bringing our new concept to other markets in the region.

All images: Ovolo Hotels

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