Fashion Items To Make Frequent Travel Easier

1 March 2016
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Words by Carlie Tucker

Fashion for the frequent traveller can be tricky to master for both men and women. Whether you're struggling with limited luggage space or searching for versatile clothing pieces, it can be difficult to ensure you're covered for all potential situations. Luckily these fashion items were designed to make dressing on the go that much easier. 

For The Ladies


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Convertible dress

Every business traveller knows that versatility is king when it comes to choosing what to pack in your carry-on. That's why ladies should consider a convertible dress. It can be as simple as a cotton dress that can team up with a pair of pants and a belt to become a shirt, or a version of the infinity dress that will transform into countless styles. Either way, it's a savvy piece of clothing that you can dress up or dress down for any professional occasion. And, it won't take up much space in your baggage.



Ballet flats

Sacrificing fashion for practicability can be a tough proposition for travelling fashionistas. Particularly when it comes to footwear. But hitting the road in heels is often more pain than it's worth. Enter foldable ballet flats. A comfortable and stylish option, these shoes can be folded up and easily tossed in your bag, ready to swap out when your situation calls for a more comfortable shoe. What's better is they're cheap and come in a huge variety of colours with convenient carrying pouches to zip them up when not in use.    


Image: Carlie Tucker via Polyvore


When it comes to dressing for the flight, it's all about layers. That's why a quality wrap is a travelling woman's best friend. It's a versatile accessory that won't hold you up at security lines, and it can double as a blanket or pillow while you fly. Plus, if you purchase a brighter colour or interesting pattern, it's an easy way to inject a bit of personality in an otherwise monochromatic wardrobe.


Image: Carlie Tucker via Polyvore

Slouch pants

It seems that slouch pants are the hottest fashion trend at the moment, which bodes well for corporate travellers looking for a comfortable alternative for frequent flights. These light-weight pants are easy to dress up to maintain a professional and polished look and they don't take up much space in your baggage. They also offer a great option for a day of sightseeing should you find the time in your busy schedule. Simply pair with a nice blouse, sensible heel or flats and your favourite accessories.

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For The Gents



A fitted blazer

As layers are key for comfort when flying both long and short haul, men should invest in a nice, fitted blazer. Pair with jeans and a cotton t-shirt to maintain a smart look that meets all comfort standards when you fly. At your destination, match it with a pair of flat front chinos or dress pants and a button down shirt for a professional look that is appropriate for a full day of office meetings. It's versatile and will come in handy no matter what situation you run into. 

Image: Carlie Tucker via Polyvore


Is there anything worse than trying to find the space to pack a second pair of shoes? Eliminate the struggle with a pair of loafers. These slip-on shoes make airport security lines a breeze and they can definitely withstand long-term wear and walking without pinching. Opt for a leather pair for a all-around shoe that can just as easily match with a corporate suit as it can a pair of jeans. You won't have to pack any other shoes, saving yourself that valuable baggage space.


Jacket Gripper

If you've ever struggled with what to do with your jacket when you travel, this handy little device will be your new best friend. The concept is so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. It's a strap that clicks to your carry-on bag with an adjustable loop to securely wrap around your jacket. This allows your jacket to hang at your side, completely freeing up your hands. It also helps cut down on wrinkles as you can carefully roll your jacket before clipping it into the Jacket Gripper.


Collar stays

Folding or rolling, no matter what you try you just can't seem to master the art of wrinkle-free packing. One particular pain point for travelling men is shirt collars. It seems impossible to keep them from rolling up or collapsing under the weight of other clothing items. Why not invest in some collar stays? Available in sizes to fit all collars, as well as plastic and metal variations, these little tabs insert into your dress shirt collars to keep them stiff and wrinkle free. Not only great for packing your shirts, they're just as effective while wearing your shirt to ensure you stay looking sharp through the whole day.