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Have Wifi Will Travel - The New Kind Of Business Traveller

13 April 2018
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No longer is the ‘office’ confined to four walls and the humdrum of a nine-to-five rotation on the clock. Now more than ever, passionate globetrotters are packing their bags and hitting the road armed with all they need to make a living on the go. Welcome to the age of the digital nomad.

“This is where the future is headed,” says Charles Du, who has lived and worked in more than 30 countries.

He has it down to a tee. In the summer he works from Chicago, driven by his love of the outdoors and appreciation for the arts, or else Europe – somewhere like charming Prague or perhaps London.

When winter comes he flees to Southeast Asia, and he’s off to Taipei in spring. In autumn, he returns to the US in time to see the leaves change colour.

group on mountain overlooking city Digital nomads don't just get to change their work environment, they get to travel and have unique experiences right around the world.

Charles says it’s the opportunity for personal growth that travel inspires – being exposed to new cultures and languages – that drives him to pursue this lifestyle and why many others are following suit.

He is now a digital nomad coach and has worked with more than 10,000 people to help them make the transition to a ‘location-independent’ lifestyle.

“It’s a lot easier than you think,” he says.

His advice? “Get out there and find other digital nomads, find a community and local workshops to be a part of.”

group sitting around laptop at table with beers in europe Shitika Anand says one of the best things about being a digital nomad is the collaboration opportunities that arise.

Digital nomad Shitika Anand agrees.

“It’s all so collaborative and the digital nomad community is there to help each other – nobody is selfishly working on their own, everybody is so supportive.”

She took the leap after spending endless hours at a desk job that neither excited nor inspired her.

As a digital content creator and social media specialist, inspiration and creativity are crucial to her success. There’s no denying there’s plenty of that to be found while roaming the planet.

“Now all I need is my phone, a laptop and a good internet connection and I can be just as valuable and productive as I would have been in the office. I’d argue, even more so!”

She has climbed volcanoes, practised yoga and learnt to surf between her ‘work days’ on location in Bali, she has learnt how to scuba dive on her days off in Thailand and is now working from India between watching Bollywood movies. Her next stop? Portugal.

Now, she says, she's more focused, dedicated and passionate than ever.

woman working on computer drinking coffee The best cities in the world for digital nomads are spread across Europe, the Asia and beyond.

According to Nomad List, the best cities to live and work remotely for digital nomads, based on the cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics, include Bangkok, Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest and Canggu (Bali). Rounding out the top 10 is Chiang Mai, Kiev in Ukraine, Miami, Dallas and Timisoara in Romania.

But really, it’s anywhere that will inspire you to work hard – and play hard once it’s time to clock off. 

This story was first published in Flight Centre's quarterly magazine, the Travel Ideas WOW List 2018. You can get a hard copy here. 

Tijana Jaksic

Tijana loves new adventures as much as she enjoys reliving old ones. Favourite stops on the map so far include Greece (beyond the islands!), Mexico City (hello ancient ruins and wonderful art), Poland (for the history and off-the-beaten-track finds), Berlin (so artsy and chilled) and Bosnia (ahhh the natural beauty). Choosing is always hard though - that's why her list is so long and she spends her 'real life' time writing about travel until she's out there on the road again.