How To Keep Up With Christmas Shopping When You're Travelling For Work

19 December 2016
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T’is the season to be merry and hopefully you have had a chance to do a little of that as we hurtle to that big day in the latter part of December, when the fat man dons his suit and clicks giddy-up to Dasher, Prancer, Blitzen, Rudolph…(can you remember the rest?)… but if you are still bustling around the globe for work and haven’t even considered Christmas shopping, fear not as you actually have the advantage over us back at home who have to brave the manic shopping centre mobs come this Yuletide.
Gifts from around the globe are always a good option.
The reason for this advantage, is that not only there is a strong possibility you will be loitering around airports with time to kill, but because airports have really lifted their game as far delivering broad ranging retail options, you will be able to pick up some truly imaginative and unique gifts to impress your loved ones. So we have highlighted some really good airport shopping precincts and also given you some hints of presents (that do have a travelling element but are also fantastic and useful anywhere) that you can pick up at most major airports, easily stow in your carry-on and are sure to win you major brownie points with friends and family back home.
Gift buying is a cinch at airports.


Below are some great technology gadgets that you can grab for most major international airports like Heathrow, Changi, Los Angeles, Schipol and Hong Kong.
The Solar Media Player provides a mobile solar charger, power bank and speakers for your smart phone all in one. Water and sand resistant, it’s perfect for the beach (where you can charge rather than drain your phone’s battery) or camping – around $65 AUD.
Airframe Portable Car Mount solves the problem of having to balance your mobile phone on your lap to read GPS directions. The Airframe grips the phone and locks it into the car’s air vent - at the optimal angle for viewing - and releases easily, it costs around $32 AUD,
Kindle Paperwhite - Books tend to be very heavy so why not join the Kindle reading revolution and get all your reading onto a Kindle Paperwhite instead. Ranging from around $120 AUD you can store your whole library from magazines to big tomes all on this one device.
EasyAcc Powerbank is a paperback-sized gizmo that can charge four phones or two tablets simultaneously for around $50 AUD - a great option for the travelling techno family.
Satellite WiFi Hotspot - If you need to stay connected, all the time, The Iridium GO provides your very own global cell phone tower. This device enables you to quickly set-up a mobile WiFi-hotspot that links you directly to the Iridium satellite network, giving you global coverage no matter where you are. It doesn’t come cheap – around $1500 AUD.
Noise Eliminating Smart Earplugs 
The world’s first smart earplugs are set to hit the market this December. Hush earplugs are wireless noise-masking earplugs that connect to your smartphone and play soothing sounds, such as white noise, ocean waves and rainfall, for more than 10 hours. Hush connects wirelessly to your smartphone, so sleeping through your alarm isn’t an issue; the alarm will go off right in your ears when it’s time to wake up. Cost likely to be around $180 AUD.
You can relax at the airport for your Christmas shopping.

For the Sweeter Things

Airports have the transiting traveller as a captive audience, and lure them into their confectionary honeypots with pop-up stores of all sorts of lollies and chocolates along the concourses. Often these pop-ups offer treats that are not available at home – Los Angeles Airport has Sees Candies and JFK Airport at New York has a pop up store that offers a great range of M&M selections (just like the Times Square store).


All Things Duty Free

Take advantage of duty-free designer shopping to get those market items.
Of course one of the biggest advantages of travelling internationally at Christmas time is that you can pick up a big range of designer handbags and sunglasses (for him or her) and perfume and cosmetic packs that are often not available in regular department stores. Changi Airport, Los Angeles and Brisbane and Sydney International Airports are great for designer handbags – and if you are there pre-Christmas, the US airports are usually offering plenty of on-sale options.


Here At Home

If you are travelling for work but domestically this Festive Season, and ticking off your shopping list has not managed to take place, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Domestic Airports have a really comprehensive range of familiar brand stores that should see you right to get pressies for most members of your clan. Places like Seed, Typo, Witchery, Victoria’s Secrets and Lorna Jane are found throughout and cater to the unusual schedule for the business traveller with longer opening times than the usual retail stores. 
Domestic airports are a great option for your Christmas shopping without the crowds.
The other fantastic fallback options are the Newsagency/bookstores that you can find in the major city airports. These offer all of the latest non-fiction and fiction books in the marketplace; and they also have been catering for many years to the harried business traveller who at the last minute needs to bring a gift home from their trip, throughout the year – so they tend to stock quite a good selection of great gifts that suit children, husbands, wives, colleagues etc – so you can arrive home with your list completely ticked off, for gifts for everyone – no matter if they have been naughty or nice.
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