Meet With Purpose With Hilton

7 February 2017
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In the world of the frequent business traveller, corporate meetings are a necessary evil. While they're often established with the best of intentions, they can often leave participants tired and overwhelmed with information.  Or worse, bored and unmotivated. An unlikely hero is slowing coming to the fore though, with Hilton expanding on their already successful Meet With Purpose program.

How about kicking a meeting off with a morning yoga session? Hiltons across the US have integrated just that into their Meeting with Purpose program

Launched in January 2015, the program was brought about to offer professionals the opportunity to incorporate health and wellness into their meeting and event agendas. The program focuses on two main areas, Mindful Eating (encouraging professionals to reexamine event dining to minimise food waste while encouraging healthier options) and Mindful Meeting (encouraging professionals to consider practices that are less resource-intensive such as paperless registration).

They've now taken the Meet With Purpose program to a new level by expanding their services to include schedules that incorporate nutritious meals, exercise and sustainability elements. The new health-focused initiative is being introduced to meeting and event professionals across Europe, the UAE and US.

More than 40 hotels in America now offer event menus that expertly combine balanced food options with exercise breaks and sustainable solutions. For example, book the Yoga & Yogurt menu to treat your meeting attendees to a morning yoga session followed by a healthy breakfast of yogurt, seasonal berry medley and house-made granola. Or, try the Meditative Moment, which offers a 10-minute meditation session focusing on stress relief and a customisable lean protein and veggie and/or fruit smoothie.

Morning yoga sessions are followed up with a yogurt breakfast for an extra healthy pre-meeting boost

While continuing to challenge businesses and professionals to rethink their approach to meetings and events in order to reduce waste and impact, the revamped program also focuses on attendees and their conference experience. By focusing on healthier meal options and schedules that integrate exercise, the program hopes to create a more engaged audience. Healthy minds are more capable of absorbing information, which benefits everyone involved.

"The typical meeting attendee is eating healthier and exercising more frequently and wants to maintain this lifestyle while travelling for business," said Andrew Flack, Vice President Marketing & eCommerce Americas. "Expanding Meet with Purpose to EMEA and offering health and wellness menus to 40+ of our US hotels reiterates our commitment to partnering with meeting professionals to improving attendee satisfaction and making a real impact in the industry."


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