Packing Accessories: What You Need and What You Don't

13 March 2017
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A key element to a successful business trip, packing the perfect bag has developed into something of  an art. Plenty of frequent travellers will tell you that it's a skill that comes with experience, while more still will tell you all you need is the right accessories. Here's a look at a few of our favourites and a few you can skip next time you're packing the perfect bag for your business trip ...   

What You Need:

Travel Wallet Spring for a waterproof travel wallet and your belongings will stay safe from any unexpected spills (Image:

Travel wallet

Not to be confused with a passport cover (more on that later) a travel wallet is dedicated to keeping all of your important travel documents neatly organised for easy access. They are especially helpful if you're heading overseas,  with slots and storage for your passport, itineraries, boarding passes, visas and more. Some even come complete with a pocket for your phone and charging cords. All you have to do is fill it up and toss it in your handbag or front pocket of your carry-on to easily access when you're checking in, going through security and boarding your flight.

toiletry bag This pack-flat toiletry bag not only keeps all of your toiletries organised, it's easy to pack (Image:

Waterproof toiletry bag

If there's one staple of any great carry-on, it has to be a top quality, waterproof toiletry bag. Fill it up with all the toiletries you need (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and all your favourite creams and lotions) and leave it in your carry-on. That way you won't have to worry about picking out all of those little things that are super important but highly forgettable. Even better, spring for a version that you can unzip and hang on the door in your hotel bathroom for quick and easy access.

Luggage strap Luggage straps are great for making your bag stand out among all of the others on the baggage carousel

Luggage strap

This travel accessory is simple but can make a huge difference if you're ever forced to check your luggage. A luggage strap is a highly visible and colourful strap you can put around your bags to keep them safe and secure while making them easy to identify amid the heap of other black rolling suitcases. There are versions available that come with TSA friendly locking devices and enough length to wrap both ways around your bag, ensuring no one will be able to get into your stuff.

What You Don't Need:

money belt Staying alert and aware of your surroundings is one of the best ways to protect your valuables

Money Belt

If you've ever had to travel overseas, you've probably seen one of these. They're meant to be a safe way for you to store your money and passport while travelling; however, they may not be the best solution to keeping your valuables safe. They are worn close to the body, under your clothing, which makes them difficult to access and somewhat uncomfortable. They also immediately identify you as a tourist.

 Imagine digging under your clothes to take out a note when all you want to do is buy a coffee. It's a sure fire way to draw attention to yourself and where you're stashing all of your money. Of course, you should always do what you feel most comfortable with, but simply being aware of your surroundings and keeping an eye out is the best way to avoid getting into trouble.

Packing cubes

There are few accessories that have the power to divide frequent travellers the way packing cubes do. Some people swear by them while others see them as yet another thing taking up valuable carry-on space. While we have to agree that there is some merit to organising all of your items with these cubes, we wouldn't count them as a necessity. The same effect can be achieved with effective packing techniques. Between rolling and bundle wrapping you can neatly pack up to two week's worth of clothing in your carry-on.     

passport cover Invest in a travel wallet instead of a passport cover for a more versatile piece to organise all of your valuables

Passport Covers

There are plenty of social media influencers out there taking artful photographs of their travels with their passports ever so sneakily peeking out from behind the cover of a kitschy or clever passport cover. Reality is not social media, though, and that passport cover will almost certainly end up at the bottom of your bag as soon as you arrive at the airport. You see, border control for most, if not all countries, requests travellers hand over just their passports so they can be inspected in full. Sure they look nice, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice style for efficiency.   

Carlie Tucker

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