Rise And Shine: Perth's Best Breakfasts

1 October 2015
Read Time: 1.7 mins

Words by Carlie Tucker

A great breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your day, setting you up for success before you even set foot in the office. In an effort to help Perth-bound corporate travellers kick things off on the right foot, we've collected a few prime spots that have been known to serve up delightful morning dishes.

Whether you like it healthy, sweet, savoury or something in between, here are five of Perth's top spots for brekky:  

Image courtesy of The Little Bird Cafe Facebook

The Little Bird Cafe

If you prefer a healthy start to your day, the Little Bird Cafe is a great option. The all day breakfast menu offers timeless classics such as bacon and eggs along with lighter options like spinach and poached eggs and bircher musesli. Coffee is provided by local Pound Coffee, or choose from a list of fresh juices and smoothies (dairy free options are available).

100 Lake Street, Northbridge


Image courtesy of shippinglane.com.au

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The Shipping Lane

Holding up a coveted position overlooking popular Leighton Beach, The Shipping Lane has been delighting breakfast enthusiasts with its fresh style and varied menu. Keeping things casual for the morning crowd, they're serving everything from baked beans to The Shipping Lane Breakfast. Or, make it more of a brunch with choices like slow poached salmon and antipasto toast.

4/1 Freeman Loop, North Fremantle

Image courtesy of City Farm Cafe Facebook

City Farm Cafe

Located in the grounds of Perth's only urban farm, the City Farm Cafe is all about fresh ingredients and quality food prepared simply. It doesn't matter if you pick free range eggs any way you like or a Croque Monsieur on organic sourdough, you know you're enjoying the spoils of local suppliers. The menu offers great variety with reasonable prices. Plus, it's only eight minutes outside the city centre!

1 City Farm Place, East Perth  


Image courtesy of Santi's Facebook


This popular breakfast spot opened its doors three years ago and it remains a favourite for locals thanks to its casual ambience and Italian flair. The menu offers up great choice, ranging from the simple pleasures of toasted bread with homemade jam to more adventurous bites like the breakfast brushetta. There's also a great selection of baked goodies available each day.

52-54 Monash Avenue, Nedlands

Image courtesy of Architects and Heroes Facebook

Architects and Heroes 

With a thoroughly modern vibe, this stop is thrilling breakfast aficionados with its penchant for quality food and coffee. It's all about presentation with an ultra-sleek fit out inspired by its namesake. The food is also immaculately put together, begging to be snapped and shared on social media.  The menus are seasonal, but sweet and savoury are accounted for with inspired choices such as baked eggs and brioche French toast with red apple and rhubarb compote. 

25 Rokeby Road, Subiaco