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16 February 2017
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Time is a valuable commodity. In today's tech-infused world, where communication and decisions happen in an instant, everything moves at an incredibly fast pace. It makes your time, particularly your professional time, even more precious. So, throwing it away on needless tasks such as finding and booking business travel can be costly.

The merits of working with a travel provider such as FCBT are many – from access to a range of exclusive offers to back office support – but perhaps one of the greatest benefits is saving your time.

A man talking to an FCBT Travel Manager Working with an FCBT Travel Manager is all about personalised service

Booking your own travel online involves sifting through multiple sites to find one that will offer the best possible price. Then there's the task of searching for the right flight at the right time for the right price. Then you have to find the right hotel in the right location at the right price. This in itself can be especially time consuming if you're searching in an unfamiliar city. Combine it all together and you've invested a good couple of hours (or more) just finding a booking.

When you work with FCBT, booking your travel is as easy as one email or phone call to your dedicated Travel Manager. Acting as a single point of contact for all of your business travel needs, your Travel Manager grows in-depth knowledge of your exact requirements. From how you like to work together all the way down to a preferred seat on the plane, there is no detail too large or too small.

With access to the same deals found on booking sites (plus a few exclusive offers and programs) and expert knowledge of destinations around the globe, your FCBT Travel Manager can provide you with quotes on flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers and more that meet your brief with no more effort on your part than picking up the phone for a quick conversation. And, with a standard two-hour turnaround on all requests, your business travel could easily be booked well before close of business.

A woman talking on her mobile at the airport No matter where you are or what the circumstances, your FCBT Travel Manager will provide the support you need

Saving yourself the time and effort that comes with booking online allows you to focus your efforts on what really matters to your business: your work. You could be utilising that extra time to plan out your schedule, or carry on with business as usual without the stress of unfinished booking business sitting in the back of your mind.

In addition to saving your time, your Travel Manager can also ensure you reap the most frequent flyer rewards on all of your bookings, score added staying bonuses with programs such as SmartSTAY and provide 24/7 support should you need to make any changes at any stage in your travel plans.

A woman checking into  a hotel Flights, hotels, cars and more, FCBT can help you book all aspects of your business travel

The time saving benefits go beyond the booking process, as this is only one small aspect of business travel. Working with FCBT also comes with back office support.  Save time on your monthly reconciliations with detailed monthly statements and provided reporting that offers a clear snapshot of how your SME spends money on travel. It covers individual travellers and other key areas to help you identify opportunities to save and improve.

FCBT is committed to helping you streamline and improve your business travel strategy, which is why there are no lock-in contacts involved. We understand that we're only as good as our last booking, which means we aim to hit the mark whether it's your first booking or your 500th. For more information on how we can help your SME start saving time and money, contact one of our knowledgeable Business Development Managers on 1300 797 826


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