Six Of The Best Tried And Tested Long Haul Carry-On Items

16 February 2018
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For long-haul fliers, keeping abreast of the latest information on those little things that can make those long tracts of time 30,000 feet up that little bit more comfortable, is absolutely essential. We have outlined the key six accessories that are very portable and can transform your economy seat to feeling more like it is up at the pointy end of the plane, so you can feel slightly less altitude crushed when you touch down.

1. The good travel pillow

The travel pillow - no matter what cabin class - the long haul fliers' lifesaver. Go for inflatable for easy transport.

Being able to sleep well, whatever fare you're travelling on is the really the one thing that is the game changer on how you will feel when you arrive. Make a moderate investment in a specially-designed travel pillow.

What makes a good travel pillow?

To keep hand language to a minimum, go for an inflatable travel and horseshoe shaped one that circles your neck – these are the best for supporting your neck while sleeping. Also if you suffer from back pain, consider a lumber cushion for the small of your back.

2. The inflatable foot-rest

When flying, get your feet elevated to stop lower limb swelling and aching.

Often overlooked are foot-rests which are perfect for having your feet slightly raised on a long flight - not only do they aid circulation but they also reduce swelling in lower limbs. Along with your inflatable travel pillow, go for an inflatable foot-rest type as they are highly portable comfort items that you can just pop in your cabin bag.

3. The good headphones

Silence can be golden when trying to get some shut-eye on a plane.

Noise-cancelling headphones or ear phones are also one of those key travel items that can either make or break your flight experience. No matter if it's a crying baby, an overly conversational neighbour or the noise of the engine, loud noises can disturb any peaceful sleep that you are lucky enough to grab. So download some nature sounds or relaxation wave soundtracks onto your device and plug yourself in to some good quality noise-cancelling headphones for a calming way to ease yourself into sleep; or then again have nothing playing for complete silence.

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4. The good sleeping mask

No matter what class you are flying, most airlines provide eye masks but once again it pays to invest in a slightly more expensive eye mask that sits away from your eyes and has eye cavities built into the mask. This will mean that rather than pushing on your eyelids, your eyes will be unobstructed during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, so you will sleep more deeply.

It pays to invest in a good quality eye mask.

5. The comfortable slipper socks

Socks too are something that many airlines include free no mater what cabin class, but they're often thin and flimsy. Bring some of your own slipper socks so you can comfortably walk around, and also so can you can get comfortable under blankets to sleep, plus of course keep your feet warm when airline cabins are often overly cool.

Slipper socks - perfect for padding around the plane, keeping your feet warm and tucking up under the blankets.

6. The travel sized toiletries

Airline cabins are often not only frosty but by their very nature the cool air is often very dry. This can cause dehydration particularly for your skin. Try some face spritz, under eye gel, tired eye drops, moisturiser, lip-balm, face wipes and a toothbrush and toothpaste. If you can stay fairly hydrated by drinking plenty of water as well as keeping your skin moisturised, you're more likely to enjoy a comfortable flight, and certainly arrive more refreshed at your destination. Note most airlines have 100 ml limits on any liquids brought on board.

Don't let that frosty dry cabin air suck you dry - pack some favourite moisturisers and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

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