Stone & Wood's Ross Jurisich Shares His Top Travel Tips

24 June 2015
Read Time: 1.2 mins

Words by Tara Young

Ross Jurisich is one of the creators of the award winning Stone & Wood Brewing Company in Byron Bay, and an FCBT client for many years who, with his growing company, has been on a fair few planes lately.

I recently sat with Ross to talk about the rise of this successful brewery and about how the global trend in craft beer is taking him to far flung places. He's picked up a few top tips along the way and he was more than happy to share his business travel knowledge.

Tip #1:

Travel time is personal development time – I know the chance to relax and binge on some of the latest movie releases is an attractive option, but I always try to ensure that I download a personal development book onto my Kindle to take advantage of those long-haul flight hours.

Tip #2:

Never complain about the weather at your destination – It makes you sound whiney to the locals and can easily be avoided by packing the right gear like a lightweight jacket or extra thick socks.

Tip #3:

A definite long-haul flight must have – You're going to want to pack easy to slip on shoes. It is all about being able to get through security easily without having to try and find a chair to get your shoes back on and laces tied up.

Tip #4:

Always, always use your points for upgrades and try and plan as far ahead as you can so you are not burning too many by flying in peak season.

Tip #5:

Pack one pair of shoes that are multifunctional – Shoes take up a lot of room.  Even if you are checking in luggage, once you start adding shoes, it makes it harder to include other items, so pack one pair that will cover you no matter what you're doing or where you're going.

Tip #6:

Good headphones – Invest in a pair of good quality noise cancelling headphones. These are a real benefit to block out noise and not always available on different airlines.

Tip #7:

My two essential travel gadgets are an international power adapter and a double adapter for when you want to charge more than one device. They cover all the bases.