Stunning Sydney Harbour Sunset

Sydney Like a Tourist: Maximise Your Next Business Trip

14 August 2017
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Have you reached the point where a business trip to Sydney is as unremarkable as a visit to the post office?

If you’ve stopped over, overnighted and conferenced in Sydney so much that you’ve stopped seeing it as a holiday destination, take a look from a different perspective.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's largest steel arch bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's largest steel arch bridge

This sprawling beauty is the most famous city in Australia, and millions of tourists dedicate portions of their holiday to her every year.  The next time you visit Sydney, view her through fresh eyes. Hit the hot spots and sign up for some tourist activities to help you rediscover this Australian gem. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

The Rocks, Sydney The Rocks is home to Sydney's oldest house - Cadman's Cottage built in 1816

Walking tour of The Rocks

To many, the Rocks is simply a trendy dining and drinking precinct, but a walking tour of the area will reveal a fascinating layer of history.

We all know that Australia was settled by convicts, but sinking into an environment where you can actually visualise their struggles adds a depth to the most simple of stories. From Sydney’s oldest pub to the ruins of 1800s houses cut into the cliff face, the ghosts of Australia’s heritage are lurking, just waiting to be heard.

Captain Cook Dinner Cruise A Captain Cook dinner cruise is a great way to wind down after a day of board meetings

Captain Cook Dinner Cruise Sydney Harbour

Instead of revisiting your tried and tested dining spots, treat yourself to a dinner cruise. Stepping out of your suit into something a little dressy and waiting with the crowds at Circular Quay in the afternoon sun offers an exciting contrast to the usual business trip dinner, where you’re likely to be reading a brief while forking down flavours.

Upon boarding the ship, you’ll be greeted with sparkling wine and seated on the dining deck. If you play your cars right you could find yourself nestled right against a window where Sydney Harbour turns on a spectacular twilight show. Some live jazz music, a three course meal and a few more glasses of sparkling later and you’ll be out on the deck, taking a million photos of a spectacular pink sunset behind the Harbour Bridge.   

The postcard-worthy coastline between iconic Bronte and Bondi Beaches

Bondi to Bronte

You may have walked the Bondi to Bronte route during the renowned Sculptures by the Sea exhibition, but it takes on a completely different feel without the distraction of gorgeous art and milling crowds.

Strolling along the breezy cliffs and surveying the captivating views is a soul refreshing experience. Reversing the normal route means you eventually descend on the blissful white curve that is Bondi Beach - a view that validates the fame of Australia’s gorgeous beaches. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy day of meetings.

Sydney Opera House The Sydney Opera House conducts 3,000 events each year

Taking in a show at the Opera House

You probably have photos of the Opera House from every possible angle, but have you ever actually been inside for a show? It’s not all about opera - from comedy shows to circus and magic performances, there’s an offering of world-class entertainment every day. Entering the majestic bulk of the Opera House is a thousand times better than admiring it from the Quay.  



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Dinner at Mr Wong

Ask any dedicated foodie their recommendation for a place to eat in Sydney, and Mr. Wong’s name is almost guaranteed to pop up in conversation.

The expansive menu reads like a dream and tastes like a fantasy.  Foie gras prawn toast, King crab fried rice and salt and pepper lamb cutlets are just a few temptations from the menu, and the dim sum platters are a shoe-in for the perfect appetiser. The decor, ambience and menu offerings from Mr Wong made it a special outing from beginning to end, a feast for every sense.


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