Table For One: Solo Dining For Eastern Travellers

14 February 2018
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Requesting a table for one is no longer perceived as the territory of the friendless or the lonely. In our busy lives, there are certain activities like going to the movies that can sometimes be better appreciated when done alone.  Dining solo is one of those activities and is a way to introduce diners to a new liberating and refreshing experience – also of course for many business travellers, eating alone is an unavoidable part of the job.

Juliana Payne, CEO for Australia’s Restaurant and Catering Association states that there are many cafes and restaurants that are all about creating great culinary experiences for people dining alone. “Dining businesses are now actively trying to encourage solo dining and are catering for this increased consumer demand,” Juliana affirms.

We have listed a perfect solo dining location for each major East Coast city to encourage you to feel comfortable about stepping out to dine by yourself – after all, it is sometimes nice after a big day to look forward to something other than room service.

Cairns - Khin Khao 

Tasty Thai in the Tropics - Khin Khao is perfect for some alone dining time. (Image courtesy of Khin Khao)

For authentic Thai, head to Khin Khao in Aplin St in the CBD for traditional and tasty Thai cuisine where you can really taste the freshness of the ingredients. The staff provide that lovely combination of attentive but unobtrusive service that allows you to sample delicious food and either get some work done or just think, relax and ignore the rest of the world, just for a bit.

Brisbane - Papparich

Deserved reputation as best Malaysian food in Brisbane. (Image courtesy of Papparich)

Papparich is touted as the best Malaysian food in Brisbane. Located conveniently in the Wintergarden Shopping Centre in Brisbane’s CBD, PappaRich has been serving up authentic, delicious Malaysian cuisine to the residents of Brisbane since September 2015. Solo diners will experience a different way of food ordering in this open air, food court style restaurant but are sure to be delighted with the mouthwatering food delivered to your table for one.

Sydney - Criniti's Darling harbour

Authentic Italian fare and spectacular views - what's not to like? (Image courtesy of Getty)

The team at Criniti’s Darling Harbour, one of the country’s leading choices for solo dining, has noticed the change to the attitude to eating alone. In fact the single business diner is the norm at Criniti, as many of their solo customers frequently bring laptops and work during lunch while they dine at the Italian eatery. They also come prepared with books to read or keep themselves occupied or are quite happy to take in the stunning Darling Harbour views while they enjoy some great Italian food.

Melbourne - Classico - The Blackman

The smell of fresh basil, delightful antipasto on offer and cosy confines blend perfectly for the solo diner at Classico. (Image courtesy of Blackman)

Classico at Art Series Hotel, The Blackman in St Kilda serves pared back yet elegant Italian fare and fantastic antipasto in intimate, cosy surrounds that lend themselves perfectly for the single diner. With the delightful espresso aroma that can be discerned amid the wafts of fresh basil, Classico has the just the right atmosphere for someone dining alone, to snuggle into the banquet seating, enjoy an Italian beer, or light bodied red, and just watch the world go by. 

Hobart - Aløft

Aloft Hobart, great food with plenty to observe inside and beyond the restaurant. (Image courtesy of Tailored Tasmania)

For a remarkable dining experience that is absolutely fine to do on your own, take a seat at Aløft’s bar, on the Brooke Street Pier on Hobart's Harbour. Aløft is passionate about local produce and the restaurant creators aim to create Asian-inspired food that replaces ingredients not grown in Tasmania with local produce such as the native kunzea plant. Dishes come in small, medium and large, but patrons are encouraged to always leave a little room for some of their delicious desserts. At Aloft, if you are dining alone, beyond the food, there is still plenty to observe - you can get a window seat to soak up the beautiful Hobart harbour views, or if in the main dining area, take a bar seat overlooking the kitchen, and watch the chefs at work.

Tara Young

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