The New Corner Office In The Skies

30 June 2015
Read Time: 1.0 mins

Words by Carlie Tucker

Looking for a cushy corner office at 30,000 feet? B/E Aerospace has heard the call and is meeting the demands by launching the new Breakout seat design. This incredible new business class suite was designed for Boeing 777 aircraft and features a spacious and innovative layout that perfectly caters to the needs of modern business flyers.

The concept breaks the mould when it comes to traditional aircraft seating. Rather than focusing on the seat, B/E Aerospace has designed with the space in mind. This means a suite in the sky that can be easily modified to cater to different purposes with a particular emphasis on business needs. The idea is to allow travellers to move around and utilise the space as needed instead of being stuck in a single position throughout long haul flights.

It's best to think of the suite in two parts. At one end, a cleverly designed chair swivels out from under a corner desk to allow you to sit upright at a fully-functional workstation. There are outlets for charging mobile devices and USB ports.

At the other end, a comfortable, wider seat allows you sit, eat and enjoy entertainment as normal, converting a portion of the corner desk into a table. There is also a fold-out ottoman to stretch your legs or create a second sitting space for a travel companion.

Not impressed yet? The entire space also converts into a full, lie-flat bed . Folding the seat away and pulling out the bed from the side compartment, there is ample room to get a proper night's sleep. The new design also offers additional stowage space.

This innovative approach to business class seating is set to launch across the Boeing 777 fleet sometime next year.