Where To Eat After Hours In Auckland

27 November 2017
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There’s nothing worse than stepping off a flight in the late hours of the night only to discover there’s nowhere decent open to satisfy that grumbling belly of yours. Sure, there’s always the hotel mini bar, but that’s a last resort. Thankfully Auckland is ripe with centrally-located dining options that keep dishing up the goods until and past the other side of midnight – and we’re not talking fast-food fare.

Here are some of the best places to go for a satisfying meal after hours in Auckland.


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The White Lady

Open until 4am Monday to Friday and 24 hours Saturday and Sunday.

The White Lady is an iconic piece of Auckland’s culinary scene as the city’s oldest food truck. They’ve been dishing up their beloved burgers plus fries, toasties and shakes from the street side for over 60 years. It’s a standing room only affair and it’s convenient and quick – the perfect spot to grab a bite and head back to your hotel room to enjoy well past midnight.


Open until 12am every night.

If you nibbled on the plane but could do with a wander to stretch those legs and a side of dessert, Giapo has you covered. Open until midnight every day of the week, this is home to New Zealand’s favourite gelato. It’s no regular ice cream shop. The discombobulating menu has everything from ice cream poutine to gyoza and Maori fried bread – but you can also just tell Giapo what you feel like and let him surprise you!


Open until 2am every night.

This hole-in-wall joint is the perfect place to eat solo; it’s only small and caters to ten or so people at a time, so you’ll find you’re not the only one ducking in for a quick bite. While Ichiban is a go-to for its steaming bowls of traditional and not-so-traditional ramen, you’ll also spot appetisers, rice bowls and Japanese curries on the menu. The only catch? Make sure you don’t walk straight past in your search for sustenance – it’s tucked in tight between a karaoke joint and Scorpio Bar on lower Albert Street.


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New Flavour

Open until around 4am.

Want something light and bite size? Don’t miss the delicious dumplings at New Flavour. Prefer noodles or some other Chinese dish? They have that too. And if you have time up your sleeve and some company to share, why not bring a bottle of wine; it’s BYO. New Flavour can be whatever you want it be.


Open until 1am Tuesday to Sunday.

Lovers of Japanese food won’t be able to resist the trendy Japanese bar Fukuko – whether it’s light fare or a hearty meal you’re craving. The menu features a fabulous line up of tapas including pork buns, sashimi, lettuce cups and edamame, as well as some tasty snack items. Fukuko is also the place to go for experimental cocktails, in case you want something strong to wash it down.

Lord of the Fries

Open until 3am Thursday to Saturday.

This one is for the vegans and vegetarians out there. Lord of the Fries has late-night bites for ethical eaters down to a tee. Sure – it’s a fast food joint but there’s plenty to please, including vegetarian burgers and hot dogs, various sides and their famous fries.

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