Meet Sam Locke, Flight Centre Australia Social Media Specialist

8 April 2011
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It has been about eight very short weeks since Flight Centre Limited's global social media leader Gregg Tilston completed his international recruiting tour. Gregg set off in search of finding seven social media specialists to communicate across the globe, on behalf of the red and white Flight Centre flagship brand, as well as other travel brands that fall under the company's umbrella.

Introducing Sam Locke, the Aussie social media specialist ...

Firstly, I thought I would share with you a little bit about me. I live close to the beach on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I have a serious love for travelling.  My first overseas holiday was with my family to Disneyland when I was 8 years old. Since then I have done a lot of independent travel. I set off on my first big adventure when I was 20 to London for a ‘Euro trip’ and shortly afterwards I celebrated my 21st birthday on the Greek Island of Zakynthos with a bunch of happy travellers. Since then, I have never looked back. I have seriously caught the travel bug, and now it is a part of my life.

So, what about social media? Well, I have been passionate about social media for about five years and they say if you make a career out of something you love you never work a day in your life... or something like that.  I love exploring new places, learning about random things and enjoy reading other people’s stories.

In this blog, I hope to inspire you with exciting travel news, tips from the travel experts, feature stories and events, so that you will become hooked on travel like I am. I'd love to  read about your travel insight too, so feel free to comment and submit content on this blog. Ideally, we can get a few conversations going.

In addition to the blog I will also be engaging on twitter and Facebook, where you will find great conversation and competitions. Please say hello on any of these platforms and join the conversation. If you would like to discuss use of your travel blog, journal, photos, videos or any other form of content please email me at  [email]text=Samantha_Locke (at) flightcentre (dot) com (dot) au[/email] .

I am looking forward to the adventures and the ride. I hope you are too.

Sam Locke

Sam Locke

Sam is a social media specialist who, after travelling and living overseas, set her sights on a career in travel. Although relaxing, wining and dining in a five star property is of great appeal, Sam equally enjoys exploring the world armed with a backpack, sampling street food and experiencing foreign culture.