10 Cosplays We'd Love To See At Oz Comic-Con

10 June 2016
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The bounds between fantasy and reality grow hazy this weekend with the return of Oz Comic-Con Melbourne to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

From 9am-6pm, June 11-12, sci-fi and fantasy lovers will turn into their favourite characters and meet the stars who have brought their beloved worlds to life.

Included in the impressive line-up of guests are David Anders (Heroes and Alias), Paul McGillion (Star Trek and Stargate: Atlantis), Ingrid Oliver (Doctor Who), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day and The X-Files) and Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess).

Despite all these famous stars and the opportunities to meet, dine and chat with them, we're most excited about how everyone's cosplay will look. Here are 1o get-ups we're dying to see over the weekend.

Oz Comic-Con also visits Sydney (September 10-11) and Brisbane (September 17-18).

1. This Glorious Spidey-Pool Creation

2. Skull Kid From Legend Of Zelda

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3. These Unstoppable Warriors

4. Star Wars' Beloved Bounty Hunter

5. A Family Of Eevees

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6. Is That Beast From X-Men?

7. Still The Best Joker

8. Jamie Lee Curtis In Anything

9. Only The Dude Could Resurrect Hodor

10. Any Or All Disney Princesses

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