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10 Diners Around The USA That Would Get The Gilmore Girls Seal Of Approval

25 November 2016
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We all know that Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were the biggest coffee fiends in the game and second to that love affair came their almost daily breakfast at Luke’s Diner.

We’re guessing that you’ve most likely devoured all 7 seasons and 153 episodes of Gilmore Girls in preparation for the much anticipated new season coming to Netflix today in Australia.

However what you might not have sunk your teeth into yet are the hundreds of top notch diners around the US. While there’s no guarantee that your Luke will be behind the counter at one of these, we can guarantee there will be plenty of steaming pot coffee and the best diner breakfasts America has to offer!

The Camellia Grill, Louisiana

This classic establishment was renovated in 2015 but has still kept its New Orleans charm complete with servers in bow ties dishing out the Southern charm along with the Southern comfort food like chocolate pecan pie and chili cheese fries. If you try a Po'boy anywhere in New Orleans, make it here. Sometimes there’s a bit of a line to get in but it’s well worth the wait.

Mickey’s Dining Car, Minnesota

One of the biggest draw cards of this diner is its old school art deco railroad car setting. It was even added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. It was also the setting for scenes in 'The Mighty Ducks, 'Jingle All the Way,' and 'A Prairie Home Companion.'

66 Diner, New Mexico

It doesn’t come much more true to form than this fifties style diner on the historic Route 66. Inside the diner features a classic soda fountain and vintage jukebox loaded with all of your hits of the 50’s and 60’s. On the menu is chicken fried steak, meatloaf deluxe or liver & onions. Tip: Try the classic New Mexico green chile cheeseburger or an Albuquerque turkey sandwich. Only downside is that breakfast is only served on the weekend. Womp womp.


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Brent’s Drugs, Mississippi

This diner certainly tops the list in terms of quirkiness due to its roots in the pharmaceutical trade. It was once a pharmacy way back in 1946 when you would go there for the local soda fountain (yep at the pharmacy). What is now exclusively a diner was more recently renovated but fortunately kept all of its old school 50’s charm complete with swivel bar stools and a drawcard soda fountain. It also featured in the 2011 drama starring Emma Stone, The Help.

Pink Cadillac Diner, Virginia

The hot pink exterior is a warm welcome along with the namesake old pink Cadillac parked out the front. Step inside and you’re hit with the eclectic and colourful interior. The 1950’s theme comes through in everything from the music to the checkered table cloths.


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Palace Diner, Maine

With seating for only 15 people this dining car is matched in its petite stature only by the list of dishes available on its menu, eight for breakfast and four sandwiches for lunch. If it isn’t broke, why fix it hey? The dining car was built by the Pollard Company in 1927 and is one of two surviving cars left in the US.


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Rick’s White Light Diner, Kentucky

This great little place is covered head-to-toe in memorabilia and looks like an explosion of the history books, much like the way its food is an explosion of flavour. The Cajun-style food like crawfish pies and alligator po’boys are described by locals as the best in Kentucky.

Ruth’s Diner, Utah

As the second oldest diner in Utah, this restaurant comes with a whole lot of heritage. It’s cute little padded booths make it feel like the authentic diner it is yet there’s plenty of room under the trees in the backyard to eat too. You can't go there without trying (and taking a selfie with) the Mile High Biscuit. No not a sweet biscuit, the American kind which is sort of like a scone.


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Fremont Diner, California

The baby on this list, the Fremont Diner was only opened in 2009 however its top notch menu and charming decor have given it a real name for itself. Ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced, and come in meals like the Hangtown Fry which includes scrambled eggs with fried oysters and arugula. Then there’s Farmer's Toast which is roasted asparagus, ricotta, sunny-side-up egg and truffle oil, and finally Hash which is smoked brisket, brussels sprouts, caramelized onions and sage with a sunny-side-up egg. Yum.

Franks Diner, Wisconsin

A tried-and-true diner, Franks is known for its you beaut breakfasts, most well known is the 'Garbage Plate' or basically a five egg-scramble. The peanut butter and jelly pancakes are another notable mention however this is definitely a no-frills establishment so don’t expect any silver cutlery here.

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