13 Whitsundays Views That Elevate The Cliche

10 May 2016
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We’ve heard it all before – turquoise waters, blinding sands, lush greenery, kaleidoscopic coral, multi-hued fish. But the Whitsundays take superlatives to new heights. To really get perspective on the wonders of this Queensland paradise, take to the air for divine views of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands, and more. Here are 13 views from on high that will give you a new appreciation for cliches.

1. 'Best Beach' Is No Exaggeration

Whitehaven Beach has been voted best beach in Australia in the 2016 @TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards! 

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2. White Sands, Turquoise Waters ...

Heaven. @whitsundaysphotography A photo posted by #lovewhitsundays (@whitsundaysqld) on

3. Did Anyone Say 'Lush'?

4. See It From A Boat

5. Or From A Plane

6. Or From A Chopper

7. Or From A 'Chute

8. You Can Snorkel When You Land

#LangfordIsland has some of the best fringing reef for snorkelling! Shared by @whitsundaysphotography A photo posted by #lovewhitsundays (@whitsundaysqld) on

9. Or Go For A Sail ...

10. Embrace The Island Life

Wednesday wonderment #HamiltonIsland #SeeAustralia #humpday (: @madkiff) A photo posted by @hamiltonisland (@hamiltonisland) on

11. It's a Dream Come True

Looking down on our little piece of paradise in the #greatbarrierreef #daydreamisland #lovewhitsundays captured by the very talented @whitsundaysphotography

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12. And It's Waiting For You

13. Whatever You Do, It'll Win Your Heart

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