Australia's Most Instagrammed Days In 2015

21 December 2015
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Not all days are created equal, especially in Australia where on any given year we have a calendar full of country-wide celebrations.

But which ones were our favourites in 2015? What better way to determine this than by using social media's very own Instagram. Here are the most Instagrammed days Down Under this year.

5. New Year's Day

An impressive inclusion for the first day of the year. Some might have predicted less Instagram action with most of us confined to our blankets and pounding headaches for the day.

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4. Valentine's Day

When love is in the air, one of our favourite things to do is show the rest of the world how much better our partner is than everyone else's.

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3. Mother's Day

Good to see mothers getting plenty of love and Instagrams during their biggest day of the year. Australia has clearly picked its favourite parent.

2. Australia Day

Plenty of green and gold-blooded Aussies would prefer to see this at the top of the list, but runner-up is still a good showing for our biggest national celebration.

1. Easter Sunday

Somewhat of a dark horse, Easter Sunday is the surprise winner. It would seem we underestimated the Instagram worthiness of fluffy rabbits and gooey chocolate.

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Source: Instagram's internal data, January-November 2015

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