5 Adelaide Sci-Fi Attractions George Lucas Should've Visited Instead

18 March 2016
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George Lucas was recently spotted in Adelaide and people are legitimately questioning whether go is stop and feet are hands.

We're confused as well. If 'Radelaide' has a new fanboy, why is the world's biggest sci-fi nerd chilling in a food court instead of checking out the city's cool science attractions.

Georgie my boy, you have a lot to learn about travel. Here are the Adelaide sci-fi attractions you should've visited instead.

1. Galactic Video

Galactic Video is one of Australia's only science fiction video rental stores. It's old school and funky, with shelves upon shelves of sci-fi and horror DVDs, memorabilia and figurines.

Surely George could've sourced inspiration for his next big flick somewhere within the 4,000 titles.

2. Supanova Pop Culture Expo

Sure, it's not on until 18 November, but Supanova is the science fiction event worth hanging around to see.

For three days the fantasy worlds in comic books, movies, television shows and gaming become reality with cosplay, questionnaires with famous actors and more sci-fi mania. Heck, George could've headlined the damn thing.

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3. Adelaide Planetarium

We're flabbergasted at how George could bypass the Adelaide Planetarium for food-court Chinese and a Diet Coke. The guy created the Star Wars universe! Surely he's a little curious about what's really out there.

The Planetarium runs solar system presentations and short astronomy courses, along with showing movies on real-world scientific phenomenons.

4. Coober Pedy

Purely speculating here, but might George have been visiting Adelaide while doing some location scouting?

The underground town of Coober Pedy (about a nine hour's drive from Adelaide) certainly looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie. There's even a Star Wars-esque spaceship! This alone should've got George on the road.

5. Imprints Booksellers

This cosy nook of a bookshop is a rare reading sanctuary. Hardwood timber bookshelves stock a generous selection of fiction and it feels like you should be wearing a silk robe while browsing.

George would've found himself a nice range of sci-fi novels – classics and new releases – within this homely setting.

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