Five Reasons to Holiday in Singapore

14 September 2010
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For many people who look to Asia for a holiday or cultural experience, Singapore can be dismissed as a sanitised, quasi-Asian and disciplined destination choice (think the no-spitting or gum chewing laws). But beneath the efficient and orderly exterior, Singapore buzzes with a rich and unique culture that makes it an exciting and stimulating holiday destination. Here are five reasons why Singapore should be on the top of your holiday list.

Singapore Singapore

Rich Multicultural Makeup
Singapore has a long history of migration, which has produced a rich social and cultural tapestry with Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultural influences. This varied and vivid culture can be seen in Singaporean cuisine, arts and commercial worlds.

Food is a mainstay of Singaporean culture. Whether you sample street food from curb side hawkers or splurge in one of Singapore's world renowned fine dining establishments, visitors will be exposed to a food scene that reflects Singapore's multicultural and diverse makeup. There's an enormous array of Asian and fusion cuisine on offer - that can be washed down with a local Tiger beer!

Singapore is renowned as a retail mecca, with shopping a national past time of its residents. But it's also a massive drawcard for visitors, who can often nab some great buys – sometimes for a fraction of the price than they would get in their home city. It's true that Singapore is regarded as a luxury shopping destination with a plethora of designer boutiques, but it's also a haven for electronic goods and home to a number of thriving and reasonable local markets where haggling and bargaining are the norm. Whether you're after designer wares, souvenirs, the latest mobile phone or some local clothing, there's something for everyone in Singapore's retail scene.

As the sun goes down, Singapore's working-day efficiency morphs into a buzzing network of bars, clubs and restaurants. Whether you're after a sunset cocktail on the colonial Raffles Hotel veranda, some student style bar hopping on Mohammed Sultan Road or some laid back beverages on Clarke or Boat Quays, you'll never be short of things to do at night in Singapore!

Safe and Clean
Visitors to Singapore will notice the cleanliness, orderliness and safety of this island nation. Without the hustle and bustle, pollution and traffic of other Asian cities, those travelling through the continent are likely to enjoy the reprieve that Singapore offers. Transportation and facilities in Singapore are spotless and efficiently run – what's not to love about that?

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