8 Fiji Activities For Kids You Haven’t Heard About

24 July 2015
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Fiji is well known for its family-friendly attributes, with sprawling resorts complete with lagoon-style pools, kids' clubs and professional Fijian nannies, but if you go beyond the confines of your resort, you’ll find a few more reasons to bring the kids here for a holiday.

Here are a few recommendations from the locals; junior travel guides from Bound Round, the travel app for kids, by kids.


1. Horse Riding At Natadola Bay

On the beach at Natadola Bay you’re bound to come across a few locals with horses for hire. Most people opt for a ride along the beach but the more interesting option is to ride across the lagoon to an island, where the locals will show you a cave that their ancestors used to hide in when cannibals raided their village.

 Riding the lagoon at Natadola Bay. All images by Deborah Dickson-Smith

2. Sigatoka Off Road Cave Safari

You may have heard of the Sigatoka River Safari, an award-winning tour that takes you up the Sigatoka River into the heart of Viti Levu on a jetboat, to drink kava with the locals.

Run by the same operator, on this tour you go off-road through the jungle to meet the high priest and gatekeeper of the sacred Naihehe Cave. The cave was once a fortress for a cannibal tribe and still contains one of their ovens and a ritual platform.

 Off-road in the Sigatoka Valley

3. Kula Eco Park

Down the road from Sigatoka, this wildlife sanctuary has a collection of critically endangered Fijian creatures, including the Fijian Crested and Banded Iguanas.

Iguanas and snakes are so rare in Fiji now that in fact most Fijians don’t realise they still exist. That’s where the park’s education program helps – to teach villagers that they need to help conserve these rare creatures and possibly more importantly – not to fear them.

You can help by sponsoring their village school program – it costs F$20 (A$12.50) per school and you are sent a report and photos of the school you have sponsored – it’s a great way to give back.

 The iguana gets ahead in the Kula Eco Park

4. Snorkelling With Sharks

Get over your fear of sharks with this awesome snorkel experience where you can get as close to the sharks as you wish. You can now do this as a day trip from the main island on the Yasawa Flyer, stopping at Barefoot Kuata island resort for lunch.

The sharks are fed a few fish heads in a circular basin in the middle of a reef, about 10 metres below you, so you can choose to duck dive for a shark-selfie or float on the surface and watch the free-diving Fijians play with them.

 See the free-divers play with sharks

5. Sabeto Mud Baths

What kid doesn’t love getting muddy? These mud pools, halfway between Nadi and Lautoka on the main island, are created by geothermal activity and are thought to have therapeutic properties, but really, it’s just fun getting muddy. You can rinse off in the nearby hot water spring.

6. Snorkelling With Manta Rays

In the middle of the Yasawa Islands, from Barefoot Manta Island, Manta Ray Island Resort or Botaira Beach Resort, between the months of April and September you can snorkel with these gentle giants of the sea.

It’s a short trip out to a channel where the mantas come to feed on the tiny shrimp floating on the incoming current.

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7. Sand Dunes At Sigatoka

Go sand-dune surfing at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes which cover an area of 650 hectares a few kilometres out of Sigatoka town. Choose from a one-hour or two-hour self-guided tour of this national park or ask a ranger to show you around.

8. Fishing In The Mamanuca & Yasawa Islands

Lots of resorts will take you out on fishing trips, and the fish are so plentiful you’re bound to come back with something for dinner. It’s an epic struggle between child and fish sometimes but your Fijian guides will usually help you land one eventually.

Some resorts, including Waya Lai Lai Eco Haven will cook up your catch for dinner, making you the envy of all other guests.

 The Mamanucas under the surface

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