8 Reasons to Get Your Luxe In Vanuatu

26 April 2017

In Vanuatu, beach and luxury go together like a dreamy glass of port paired with lashings of blue cheese. It’s to be expected that extravagance can be easily found amongst the daydream-worthy beach scenes and jungle interiors of this South Pacific gem. Here are 8 undeniable reasons Vanuatu is exactly the kind of luxe island escape you’ve been searching for.

It’s chock-a-block with luxurious stays

Would you prefer to wake up to the sounds of nature out your window or be able to step right off your verandah into the sea? A perennial favourite island haunt for honeymooners, there’s no shortage of opulent resorts, private thatched beach huts, beachfront hotels and overwater bungalows to consider in the hunt for a first-class night’s sleep. If you’d prefer an adults-only kind of retreat, that’s always possible too.

It’s so close

It can be easy to forget just how close Vanuatu is to Australia. It’s literally right on our doorstep – a 2.5 hour direct flight from Brisbane, or a 3.5 or 4 hour direct flight from Sydney and Melbourne. That means you can get there faster than tackling some routes within Oz. Add to that the regular flight options and competitive prices and paradise has never looked so good.

It’s beautiful (and romantic)

If your definition of beauty looks something like lush patches of island, a never-ending string of clean sandy shores and sultry hues of shimmering blues, Vanuatu will meet – and far exceed – your purest island fantasies. Romance comes guaranteed and peace and tranquillity are always easy to find, whether it’s on long walks hand-in-hand by the sea, in an indulgent spa pampering room or on a night out dining at an extravagant hotel restaurant.

It’s oh so relaxing

Far from the hustle of everyday life back home, Vanuatu is your cue to stop, wind down and relax. Set your clock to island time and soak it all up. The locals lead the way – the vibes are slow-paced and tranquil. And then there’s the top-notch hassle-free service of your resort to keep you well looked after from the moment you arrive until it’s time to go home.

The locals are friendly and welcoming

Vanuatuans are renowned for their friendly nature and warm and hospitable welcome. Wherever you go, you’ll be greeted with a smile and made to feel right at home.  

The interesting cultural experiences

With over 80 inhabited islands and hundreds of different languages spoken, Vanuatu poses a rich tapestry of local culture to be immersed in from the remote villages to the larger, more tourist-centric hubs. Witness customary dances, sample traditional cooking, shop in local markets, see quaint churches and visit remote communities with long-held traditions. One of the most popular traditions to take part in is a traditional kava ceremony, while one of the most unique – and one that only few get the chance to witness – is the ancient ritual of land diving on Pentecost Island.

The varied landscapes

Vanuatu is more than its picture-perfect beaches. There are adventures to be had in the lush jungle, cascading waterfalls to swim in and volcanoes to climb (or else admire from afar). Beneath the water’s surface, discover beautiful coral reefs and fascinating wrecks while snorkelling or diving. Everywhere you turn, there’s a beautiful panorama to admire – near or far. 

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Tijana Jaksic

Tijana loves new adventures as much as she enjoys reliving old ones. Favourite stops on the map so far include Greece (beyond the islands!), Mexico City (hello ancient ruins and wonderful art), Poland (for the history and off-the-beaten-track finds), Berlin (so artsy and chilled) and Bosnia (ahhh the natural beauty). Choosing is always hard though - that's why her list is so long and she spends her 'real life' time writing about travel until she's out there on the road again.