8 Tips For A Happy Trip To Hong Kong

30 April 2014
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Whether you’re in town for a stopover, mini break or a full-fledged holiday, Hong Kong will impress. If you can bring yourself to leave the confines of the lavishly appointed international airport, there are a multitude of attractions on offer. Eight is an auspicious number in Chinese culture, so here are eight tips for a happy Hong Kong holiday!

 The bright lights of Hong Kong

1. Cable Car Capers

Take time to explore Hong Kong and make the most of the ferries, efficient underground railway and double-decker historic trams. If heights don’t make your legs quiver, the ultimate view comes courtesy of the Ngong Ping Cable Cars. They are out of this world!

2. Dining With The Locals

From egg waffles to snake soup – some of the local culinary treats are intimidating. But serve them up with a helping of bravery and your stomach will sing. Head to Kowloon City for a smorgasbord of Cantonese food. Dim sum is a must – how could you not eat a style of food that literally means ‘touch your heart’? Well-known international restaurants are also plentiful if you’re not feeling courageous.

3. Chinese Tea

There’s something magical about the ritual of Chinese tea. As the saying goes, “Life is like tea. The longer it steeps, the richer it becomes.” Flower and green tea are most popular; however you will find something to satisfy every ailment and whim, from improving your digestion to boosting your spirits with ‘love’ tea.

4. Go Spiritual

A visit to the Big Buddha is a must, and at 268 steps to the summit, your legs will thank you later. The Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree outside of the Tin Hau Temple (Public Square St) is a visual delight. Put your heart down on paper and wish for the stars.

5. Tai Chi Flow

Balance your body’s internal yin and yang with Tai Chi, an ancient martial art that rewards both body and soul. Sign up for the daily session on the picturesque Victoria Harbour waterfront and do your best not to be distracted by the view.

6. Hit The Streets

Hong Kong is synonymous with fashionable shopping. Do yourself a favour and add some cultural buzz to your spending spree by heading to a street market. Try Temple Street Night Market, where you’ll also meet opera singers and fortune tellers. And don’t forget to pick up your obligatory ‘I heart HK’ t-shirt.

7. Bright Lights

Let your wandering continue well into the night. From the bustle of the traffic to the waft of street food, you really get the sense the city is just waking up. Make sure you hit the waterfront for the nightly light show.

8. After Hours

Shopping, romantic harbour cruises, ghost tours, rooftop cinemas, picnics on the beach in sultry weather and the three wonderful Ds – dining, drinking and dancing. Late-night HK offers it all – you can literally holiday 24 hours a day!

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