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A Christmas Present That’s Hard To Beat

28 November 2016
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Nothing beats the gift of travel but you don’t have to break the bank to get into the good books this Christmas. If you know someone who’s planning a holiday in the New Year, why not give them a tour or three for when they get there?

Picture Mum and Dad downing a tropical drink on a VW Kombi Cocktail Safari on their next trip to Bali, trekking Mt Batur at sunrise and demolishing the street food of Kuta.

Satay street food in Bali. Bali's street food is a delicious gift. Picture: Getty Images

With Flight Centre’s exclusive Escapes collection, you can buy sightseeing packs for City or Beach escapes in a range of popular destinations. The best part is you buy the three-tour bundle, and the recipient picks the tours.

For example, Beach Escapes include activities in the Gold Coast, Fiji, Vanuatu, Bali, Phuket, Koh Samui, Penang, Hoi An/Da Nang, Hawaii and Mauritius.

Gift recipients choose three tours from five options or more, depending on the destination, and can book up to 24 hours prior. For some activities, they can just turn up on the day (with their documentation), so there’s plenty of flexibility.

Mum and Dad been to Bali before? No worries – activities cover first-timers and regular visitors, with options for more experienced including a private driver for half a day, and airport premiere departure lounge access.

Four-wheel-drives zoom down dunes in the Dubai desert. Give the gift of thrills with a Dubai dune adventure. Picture: Getty Images

City Escapes cover even more destinations, from Sydney to Auckland, Hong Kong to Singapore, LA to London, and more. Think of choosing between the Guggenheim and the Met in New York, or a dhow ride and a dune drive in Dubai.

You can buy sightseeing packs for under $500 – some are even under $100. So chip in with your siblings or mates, or go it alone for a Christmas present that will earn you brownie points until next Christmas.

Or ... rip up that letter to Santa and start again so you can include it on your Christmas wishlist!

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More Flight Centre Christmas gift ideas

  • Give a little extra spending money by loading some moolah on to our Key to the World currency card.
  • Shell out for a global SIM so your holidaying loved one can avoid global roaming bills.
  • Pick up a Flight Centre gift card online or in store.
  • Pick up the tab for travel insurance – don’t leave home without it.
  • Check out the range of goodies, from backpacks to guidebooks, in our Travel Shop.
  • Spoil them rotten with a complete getaway.
  • Feeling skint? Pop in store and pick up a few free Travel ideas magazines, and tie them with a bow. They’re filled with inspiring holiday reading (and they’ll never know it didn’t cost you a cent!).

Visit your local Flight Centre store or call 131 600 for more information about Escapes sightseeing packs, and other gifts.


Renae Spinks

Travel for me is about conversations and connections. There’s nothing like setting foot in a new land and meeting people a world apart. From talking to North Sea fishermen in Norway’s Lofoten Islands to breakfast chat at a B&B in my own back yard, there’s always a story to share and a tale to tell.