Mt Maunganui and Moturiki Island

3 May 2011
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Flight Centre's Cindy Hahn recently travelled to the North Island of New Zealand and spent a few days getting acquainted with the natural beauties that the country is so well known for. In this post Cindy tells us about a day at Mount Maunganui and Moturiki Island, also known as Leisure Island.

Our first adventure on New Zealand's magical North Island was to Mount Maunganui, in the Bay of Plenty. We kicked off the day with a delicious lunch at Deckchair Cafe, worth mentioning because of the extensive selection of fresh local foods and the fact that they were able to not only satisfy our high expectations, but exceed them leaving us ready to take on a day of site seeing!

 Bay of Plenty

After lunch we took a short walk to Moturiki Island (also known as Leisure Island) which took about 15 minutes. The walk from The Mount, as it is known by locals to Moturiki Island is a very easy and enjoyable stroll along the beach. Visiting The Mount and Moturiki Island is a fantastic day trip, appropriate for all ages and groups. Here's why - and some ideas of what you can expect to see:

  • Spectacular blow hole on Moturiki Island. If you can, go at high tide or when there is large swell for an amazing show by the ocean
  • Fishing and snorkeling activities are available
  • Learn about the history of the island and its significance in the Maori culture
  • Paragliding is available and apart from it being a lot of fun it is a great way to take in the full view of the sparkling coastline of the stunning Bay Of Plenty
  • Relax in the thermal baths at the base of Moturiki Island.  The natural baths are heated to the perfect temperature by the underground thermal activity. Perfect way to end the day and relax before setting of on your evening adventure.

After a fantastic day exploring Moturiki Island we headed back to the hotel to get ready to go and see the glow worms, which I might add were absolutely stunning. I will post about the glow worms tomorrow... stay tuned.

Looking for more information about travelling to New Zealand? Contact [email]text=Cindy Hahn[/email], an International Travel Consultant with Flight Centre based in Helensvale, Queensland who can be reached at 1300 290 045 or by [email]text=email[/email].

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