A Mad Men Inspired Hawaiian Holiday

2 May 2013
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Our favourite 1960s power couple have recently returned to the small screen, once again motivating us to dress sharper, articulate more passionately and, this time around, take off on a beachy escape to the Pacific. Don Draper, the slicker than ever Madison Avenue advertising guru, and his mod-styled mademoiselle Megan kick off Season Six of AMC's hit show relishing the sunny side of life in Hawaii. In this paradise personified, Don has swapped his tailored pants suits for printed short-sleeved shirts and, while his colleagues are fighting the frost in the Big Apple, seems perfectly content sipping mai tais and working on his tan.

Inspired by Mad Men's latest premiere episode, we've compiled a few fundamental activities so you can channel your inner 'mad man' and say Aloha to Hawaii.

 Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Stay by the sea
It may seem an obvious choice and it's not hard to do, but booking beach-adjacent accommodation will complete your quintessential Hawaiian experience. Falling asleep to the sound of rolling surf and enjoying a therapeutic walk along the shore right to your hotel room is what holidays in Hawaii are all about. For the ultimate Mad Men experience, you can actually stay at the hotel spotlighted in the season premiere. Although it was dressed in its '60s best for the show, Waikiki's historic Royal Hawaiian hotel (aka the Pink Palace of the Pacific) features all the mod cons a luxury resort should, all the while retaining that famous Hawaiian hospitality.

Celebrate at a luau
Some seven million holiday makers descend on the Hawaiian Islands annually, yet the archipelago manages to hold onto the authentic charm it's known for. One of the most iconic Hawaiian highlights is the luau: a traditional party with feasting, fire twirling and hip-swivelling hula dancing. Luaus in Hawaii are a grand display of Polynesian culture, where kalua pig is cooked in a traditional pit oven and beautiful chants carry across the tropical night air. It's no wonder Don couldn't shake the intoxicating sounds and sights from his mind when he returned to the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office. It might take a while to come down from the atmospheric high of a luau.

Attend a beach wedding
Hawaii's six islands - Big Island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai - provide unbeatable backdrops for those looking to tie the knot or celebrate their nuptials with a beach honeymoon. Romance is big business in Hawaii, so don't be surprised to see blushing brides and husbands-to-be on a daily basis. Whether you're planning your own special day, renewing your vows or celebrating a friend's engagement, Hawaii's golden sunsets, greenscapes embellished with flowering hibiscus and impossibly blue waters are hard to beat. The scenery is so inspiring it can even melt the icy exterior of an enigmatic executive like Don. That's no easy feat.

Take some time out
Above all else, remember you're on holiday! Even if you have to read through next week's lines like budding starlette Megan, find some time to take advantage of your peaceful, sun-kissed surrounds and treat yourself to some well deserved R&R. World-class resorts, spas and health clubs abound in Hawaii, offering a menu of treatments based on traditional island health and wellness. Enjoy a restorative Lomi Lomi massage, a Pohaku hot stone treatment or a limu kala seaweed wrap. If all else fails, just think ‘what would Don Draper do?' The answer is usually to kick back with a drink in hand and leave the worrying to everyone else.

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