A Scottish Road Trip

1 June 2012
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Vjorn Bradow from Flight Centre Capalaba fulfils a lifelong dream by embarking on a Scottish road trip. 

When considering where to go on your last holiday before having a baby, I don't think a Scotland road trip would be at the forefront of too many people's minds. But what the heck! I couldn't wait to embark on the trip of a lifetime.


 Vjorn Bradow in Scotland

After unpacking, even though I knew it was freezing outside, we were keen to get out and explore the beautiful city of Glasgow. Glasgow offers a quirky mix of old and new throughout the city. Beautiful old buildings can be found alongside futuristic glass structures, and there's a perfect mix of peaceful parks and big city hustle and bustle. While walking through the city we stumbled across the Glasgow Tourist Information Centre. We decided to go in and book a day tour to Loch Ness and surrounds for the following day.

Loch Lomond to Glencoe

It was an early departure the next morning.  All rugged up we braved the cold and stood outside the Tourist Information Centre waiting for the bus to arrive. From Glasgow we travelled north, before stopping at Loch Lomond, a breathtaking loch that is best enjoyed with a delicious local hot chocolate. Looking back I would have to say Loch Lomond was my favourite place in Scotland. It was so peaceful and picturesque, and there was a rainbow over the loch when we arrived which made the experience all the more special.

We then made our way up into the Highlands, over the unique, desolate landscapes of Rannoch Moor and the Black Mount, to majestic Glencoe, one of Scotland's best-loved glens and site of the 1692 massacre of the MacDonald clan. Our visit was in late March so there was still plenty of snow covering the highlands.

Ben Nevis to Loch Ness

From the Highlands we set off for Loch Ness, travelling past the base of Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, and stopping off at Fort William for lunch. Along the way we admired the Caledonian Canal, the pretty village of Fort Augustus and the spectacular views of Loch Ness as we drove along its 24-mile shoreline to Urquhart Castle.

When we arrived at Loch Ness it was raining, blowing a gale and quite dark but I was determined to go in search of 'Nessie!' We boarded the boat and scoured Loch Ness but to our great disappointment, she was nowhere to be seen. After an hour or so on the boat a storm had brewed around us so it was back on the coach and on to Inverness.

Inverness to Pitlochry

After Inverness, Capital of the Highlands, we set off home, crossing the Grampian Mountains and the woodland scenery of Perthshire including the Forest of Atholl, with an evening stop at the Victorian resort town of Pitlochry. Pitlochry is a quaint little town that looks like something out of a movie, with beautiful old buildings nestled in the middle of a forest. The town's people were delightful, at least from what I could understand!

Five weeks later our son arrived so Scotland will always be remembered as our last ‘couples' holiday!

Are you interested in finding out more about tours in Scotland? Contact Vjorn Bradow, an International Travel Consultant with Flight Centre based in Capalaba, Queensland who can be reached on 1300 372 309.

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