A Taste For Asia: Get To Know Adam Liaw

20 December 2016
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Adam Liaw is a Sydney-based cook, writer and host on the SBS TV series Destination Flavour. He rose to fame on MasterChef Australia, winning the series in 2010, and has since gone on to write four cookbooks, as well as contributing to newspapers and magazines. He is also a UNICEF ambassador for nutrition. Here he shares his love of Asia.

I was born ...

In George Town, Malaysia, and grew up in Adelaide.

Grilled chicken at a street food stall in Malaysia. Chicken tempts the traveller at a street vendor's stall in Malaysia. Picture: Getty Images

One of my first memories ...

Is of driving through Malaysia with my family, trying all the different fried chicken street stalls along the way to work out which one was the best. My dad is Chinese from Malaysia and my mum is English from Singapore, and I’ve always felt that having a lot of different cultural influences in cooking is a great way to grow up.

I fell in love with cooking ...

When I got married and had a family.

A beach in Okinawa, Japan. A beach in Okinawa is the perfect place to cook up a feast. Picture: Getty Images

I’ve cooked in ...

All kinds of places around the world, including all the way through Japan, from ice-covered lakes in Hokkaido and beaches in Okinawa to gardens in Penang and at top restaurants in Singapore.

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Some of my favourite destinations in Asia include ...

Bangkok, because it’s got a great energy to it and a fantastic food scene; Shanghai, because the scale of it is always astonishing; and Bali, because it’s a wonderful place to relax.

An aerial view of towering skyscrapers in Shanghai, China. The scale of Shanghai is astonishing. Picture: Getty Images

My last family holiday in Asia was ...

Returning to Tokyo, where my wife and I lived for years before moving to Sydney in 2010. We loved visiting all of our old haunts, trying some incredible restaurants and taking the kids to Disneyland.

My next dream destination is ...

Singapore because it’s one of the most exciting cities in Asia for food, with everything from the hawker-style food I grew up with, through to top Michelin-starred restaurants.

* Featured image: George Town, Malaysia. Picture: Getty Images

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