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15 August 2016
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Why not include a little bit of indulgence into your next European tour and add a little bit of what the stars of Absolutely Fabulous, Eddie and Patsy would be sure to include on their next extravaganza to the Continent. It’s all about “the names, names, names, darling - Chanel, Dior, Lagerfield, Lacroix, sweetie, Lacroix”, and where the “cool” people go to be seen.

We have selected Eddie and Patsy’s essential top tips for the ultimate European experiences.

Champagne and the South of France

Well as one of the essential props in every episode of Ab Fab, a visit to its namesake Champagne, the home of France’s most famous wine, is an absolute must. The Champagne area, centered on the towns of Reims (Rheims) and Epernay, is the most northern of France's major vineyards.

." The magic of champagne talking place in the cellar . Picture: Getty Images

In this province you can opt to experience the tickle of fine champagne on your palate on a Mumm Champagne cellar tour. Let the tour take you down into the subterranean cellars of this great house of champagne. Listen, learn and taste your way to a much greater knowledge of Mumm’s rich history and intricate winemaking traditions.

." It is all about the glamour at Monaco. Picture: Getty Images

Sampling the wine and enjoying the surrounds of Southern France (very much a favourite spot for Eddie and Patsy) is another way to add that little bit of indulgence to your European journey. This area is filled with breath-taking scenery, and is a place where both wine and wine making take centre stage. Also for the likes of Patsy and Eddie, this region is a good base for making day-trips to the glamorous sites of Monaco and Cannes, the place where all the cool and famous peeps go.

Greek Islands - Hydra

Of all of the 6000 Greek islands and islets, there is only one cool enough for our Ab Fab girls, and that is Hydra. Frequented by actors, celebrities and royalty (of the likes of Leonard Cohen, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, AND fashion royalty in the form of Kate Moss) Hydra is both rustic and chic.

The Hydra Harbour - watch out for celebs. Picture: Getty Images

This little island has no cars, no scooters, just tiny marble-cobbled lanes, donkeys, rocks and the waters of the Saronic Gulf. The island has well-preserved architecture, little lanes and rural paths that lead to the harbour that overlooks the sea – harbourside is great for a glass of the local retsina, the perfect accompaniment to some celeb-spotting.

Fashion and shopping – Milan

Eddie is happy to fly to New York to purchase a tap, so a trip the world’s fashion capital, the Italian city of Milan, is the best retail option to meet her fashion needs. Milan's chic boutiques are all located in a square known as the 'Rectangle of Gold'.

This is the perfect city, particularly for Eddie, as Milanese fashionistas actually wear the avant-garde outfits paraded at the city's fashion parades. Eddie can rock her “Lacroix, darling, Lacroix” outfit to her heart’s content.

This city also sets international standards as to what's in fashion right now – so the fashion of the moment this month, becomes 'so last season' the next. So for those looking for a high-end fashion bargain, there are lots of cast-offs at the many outlets and seconds stores in Milan.

Verbier and Klosters - Switzerland

Eddie and Patsy tried Val D’Isere for a skiing trip. This small village in the Tarentaise Valley is where you will find the biggest concentration of world-class ski resorts in the world. Unfortunately for Patsy and Eddie, it is not the skiing preferred playground for royalty, even of the celebrity kind.

Verbier the skiing place for the elite. Picture: Getty Images

So next time for our infamous pair, they will be sure to head to Verbier, Switzerland. This is the absolute pick for royals with Prince Andrew and Fergie owning a chalet there, and the Prince and Princess of Denmark making regular visits to this skiing location. Exclusive restaurants and lavish chalets ensure that Verbier continues to be the resort of choice for the elite, although Prince Charles is a long-time fan of Klosters and its old-world charm.

Lanserhof Tegernsee, Germany

At the end of your Ab Fab tour of Europe, perhaps you feel the need for a little bit of a detox for your overworked liver? Well there is no better place than the Lanserhof Tegernsee.

Give your liver some rest and relaxation. Picture: Getty Images

Located on the edge of Lake Tegernsee, south of Munich, this spa was named the Destination Spa of the Year for 2015. Guests of Lanserhof Tegernsee receive only the very best of spa treatments that are right up Eddie’s alley, with things like drainage procedures, detox body wraps, and urine analyses.

So with such credentials, of course it is the place for the likes of Eddie and Patsy to refresh, just in time to hit Europe again next year.

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