American Independence Day - Key Destinations

2 July 2012
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On July 4, 1776, the American Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence and in doing so declared their independence from the Great Britain. This is one of America's big national holidays but here at Flight Centre, we think it'll be great to travel through the United States exploring the destinations connected to America's Independence.

Here are our top five American destinations pivotal to the historic 4th of July.

 The Historic Document

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Declaration of Independence was written in Philadelphia during the Second Continental Congress. The Assembly Room in what is now known as the Independence Hall is where the Congress formally adopted the Declaration - the hall can be visited today by curious visitors. Also of historic interest is the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall.

Washington DC
The capital of the newly formed Independent country was created by an Act of Congress in 1790. For history buffs, the National Archives in Washington DC features a signed copy of the Declaration of Independence. While July 4 is the undisputed date of the adaptation of the Declaration, there is debate when the document was actually signed - many historians believe it was possibly up to a month later.

New York, New York
A New York institution, the department store Macy's sponsor a fireworks display on either the East River or the Hudson River to the delight of spectators. While the display is televised, no broadcast can ever replace the excitement of seeing the spectacle in person. Incidentally, the New York delegation abstained from voting for independence because they didn't have authorisation to vote in favour.

Monticello, Virginia
Thomas Jefferson, one of America's founding fathers and the principle author of the Declaration was born in Shadwell, Virginia and died in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ironically he died on July 4, 1826 - the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption. He is buried at Monticello, Jefferson's official residence just outside Charlottesville. Today Monticello is a significant attraction with beautiful gardens and the historic house.

Boston, Massachusetts
It was the state of Massachusetts who first recognised July 4 as a significant day of celebration in 1781. Ironically, the Mayflower famously docked in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. Today the region is still referred to as New England and Boston offers many cultural attractions.

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