Antarctica - Absolutely Awesome

18 January 2013
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Jason Nooning, who works as a consultant in Brisbane's King George Square store, recently took a fantastic trip to Patagonia in Argentina and then onto Antarctica. Jason said that he loved waking up each morning and looking out the window of his cruise ship, the MS Expedition, to see what he considers the most majestic untouched wilderness on the planet.

Antarctica Leopard Seals

Jason said that every day, two small Zodiac boats departed from the main vessel so they could cruise around looking at icebergs and to make shore landings where enthusiasts had the opportunity to walk amongst the penguins and seals.  On one particular occasion, Jason was cruising in the Zodiac when the group came across a mother and baby leopard seal resting on a small ice flow.

"Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the mother was suckling her cub.  It was just breathtaking seeing one of Antarctica's top predators in such a tender nurturing moment with it's offspring.  We just sat there watching for several minutes as the mum and cub checked us out and then ultimately decided to have a nap as we turned and left," said Jason.

Antarctica The Stunning Scenery

"Nothing can prepare you for the experience of sitting amongst a penguin rookery and just watching as hundreds of penguins waddle, squawk, flap, gather, swim and dive their way into your memories. And seeing icebergs that were the size of a skyscraper turned on it's side was just humbling."

Jason compiled this video to showcase his Antarctic experience.

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