Asia By The Numbers: Records & Quirky Facts

24 December 2015
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Asia is a massive destination filled with some of the world's most unique and jaw-dropping sights. Any region of the world as big as Asia is bound to have some pretty notable records.

We've rounded out the best record breakers of the East (along with some quirky facts), from Taipei to Thailand including one structure that can be seen from outer space!


The Peninsula Hong Kong, the heritage Kowloon hotel that opened in 1928, set a record for the number of Rolls Royce cars ordered at one time in 2006 when it requested 14 new Phantoms painted the unique shade of ‘Peninsula green’.


The length in metres of the world’s longest satay, made in Singapore in 2007 with 150 kilograms of chicken, grilled by 150 people.


Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is home to the globe’s longest elevated swimming pool with the 150-metre infinity pond sitting 57 storeys  above the ground.

 City views with a cool dip


Taipei 101 is Asia’s tallest building at 509.2 metres. It was the world’s tallest structure from 2004 until 2010.


An experimental Japanese magnetic levitation train has become the world’s fastest after reaching 603 kilometres per hour during April testing near Mount Fuji. The train, which isn’t expected to come into service until next decade, spent just 10.8 seconds travelling above 600 kilometres per hour.


Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is the globe’s largest religious structure with 162.6-hectares of ‘enclosed ground’ and a ‘curtain wall’ extending 1,280 metres.

 The magnificent Angkor Wat (Image: Getty)


The number of lucky monkeys that take part in Thailand’s annual ‘Monkey Buffet’ at Pra Prang Yot Temple to feast on sausage, fruit and other treats.


The Great Wall of China is the planet’s longest fence with a ‘main-line length’ of 3,460 kilometres.


The length in kilometres of China’s Yangtze River, only behind the Nile and Amazon.

 China's Yangtze: the world's third-longest river (Image: Getty)


That’s how many people ride Hong Kong’s famous Peak Tram per day. Passengers are rewarded with the best views of the city.


The number of people in Japan aged over 100.

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