The Weird and Wonderful Tastes of Bangkok

11 June 2012
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There are few places in the world that are home to as many bizarre foods as the Thai capital of Bangkok. From street vendors selling fried delights on Khaosan Road to the fresh array of obscure treats on offer at Bangkok's many food markets, you can rest assured that your cheap flights to Bangkok will open up a whole new world of culinary conquests.

Fried critters
It's impossible to spend time around Khaosan Road or any other bustling Bangkok street without seeing (and being tempted by) the sights and smells of countless street vendors selling an assortment of six-legged treats.

 Local Delicacy

The most common of these are grasshoppers and crickets, though you can also expect to find ants, weevils, silk larvae, bamboo worms, spiders and even scorpions.

While most vendors will have the same selection of creatures on offer, each will have their own special sauces and seasonings to give their offerings a unique flavour.

Thai Boat Noodles
This Thai favourite earned its name in the 19th century when it was sold from boats along the canals of Bangkok. While the precise ingredients can vary somewhat, you can generally expect your noodles to contain not just regular beef but also liver, tripe, heart and tendon, not to mention the key ingredient, beef blood.

There are numerous places around Bangkok that sell this dish, many of which cater for the less daring with their own versions of Thai Boat Noodles that focus more on the beef and less on the offal. But for the real deal, head away from the touristy areas and find an eatery where lots of locals are dining.

Catch your own?
This one's more a unique experience than a bizarre food. A restaurant in Ratchadapisek Road by the name of Por Kung Pao allows you to catch your own prawns prior to eating them. While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, it sure makes for a good laugh at the end of a night out on the town.

Simon Byrne

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